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As part of Cisco – the technology and global market leader for IT networks – Placetel offers high-quality business communications for the individual needs of a wide range of companies. We have been a Placetel partner since 2021 and are therefore always up-to-date when it comes to modern working environments and the topic of hybrid work. This enables us to provide you with optimal advice on holistic communication solutions. In addition to pure desktop solutions, this also includes custom-fit hardware and mobile communications. Together with Placetel, we also offer Cisco devices such as telephones, headsets, collaboration desks as well as entire room kits or smart mobile solutions (optionally with or without smartphone). It is up to you whether you want to rent or buy the hardware.

“Our goal for the future? Strengthen our partnership with Placetel even further. For this reason, our Expert:in will complete additional partner training courses and expand their know-how in the areas of cloud telephony, collaboration and hybrid work.
As a Placetel partner, we can put together the optimal communications solution for your business. Whether for distributed teams or one location, from traditional businesses to corporations. Our team advises you with comprehensive know-how around flexible telephony and online meetings.”
Dirk Schmidt
Division Manager IT Solutions

Advantages of the Placetel partnership

The partnership with Placetel pays off in several ways: for our customers, for us as a company, for our employees, and for Placetel itself.

advantages for customers

  • Optimal cooperation with Placetel for the best service
  • Support from Placetel, for more consulting-intensive projects
  • Contact:inside directly at Placetel

benefits for our employees

  • Constant, close exchange with Placetel
  • Possibility of further training as well as internal support from Placetel
  • Regular testing of skills to ensure the standard of knowledge.
  • Increased reputation (internally as well as externally)

advantages for Placetel

  • Joint customer:inside support
  • Support for mmmake events
ready for
Timm Braun
Sales Manager IT Solutions contact

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