1 year of mmmake – 5 questions for Alina

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Alina Sabatelli has been supporting us in Heilbronn for a year now with her skills in social media and online marketing in consulting and support for numerous projects. Alina not only acts as a content expert for the various channels for our customers, she also regularly attends industry events for mmmake.

How did you come to choose your career?

Already during my studies for information management and corporate communication – at the University of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm – I gained first impressions in online marketing. Although not primarily in the field of social media, the very broad range of my degree program allowed me to quickly differentiate where my journey (not) should go.

Privately, I’m also on various social media channels – of course, the professional angle is different, but it still often proves very helpful in keeping up to date.

Would you choose mmmake again?

Yes, for a very specific reason: because of humanity. The mmmake website already conveyed a very familiar feeling, which was confirmed in the interview. One felt in good hands from the very beginning in a relaxed atmosphere. I can imagine that the harmony and teamwork is not as pleasant in every company – mmmake and the people here are very special. I also find it very exciting to work on projects across different locations and to get to know my colleagues and their different skills over a certain distance.

What was your most exciting project?

My first project, which I still look after today and which is still close to my heart, is the social media and in particular Facebook support for one of our customers in the confectionery sector. For me, it’s always eventful to strike a chord and generate new ideas and formats. It’s an even better feeling when both the customer and the community respond with positive feedback.

How have you grown in your knowledge and skills since then?

With mmmake, I always have the opportunity to be present at current events in the industry. I was particularly enthusiastic about the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in both 2017 and 2018. Events like these are always a valuable experience, because on the one hand you get a lot of input about current trends and topics, and on the other hand you can exchange ideas with people from the industry. This is particularly important in the area of social media, as a lot can and must be tried out here in order to reach the target group. All the better to bring a breath of fresh air into one’s own work, to tackle new strategies and to get involved with new ideas.

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