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1 year mmmake – 5 questions for Yvonne

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Yvonne Schmauß is a Heilbronn native with a heart and thus fits in perfectly with the rest of her colleagues in the Neckarstadt. You wouldn’t expect a sloth fan behind the sporty Vespa rider, however, as diligently as she takes care of customers and
their campaigns. Anyway, now she has been with us for a whole year. Time to get to know them a little better.

How did you find mmmake?

Via detours, like many I think. It started with me wanting to reorient myself a bit. At my old employer, I dealt a lot with employer branding and the topic continued to be interesting for me. So I looked around a bit in the region (Heilbronn) where you can still do that. That’s when I came across a few other companies, one of which an old friend used to work for. She said they were also quite good, but promptly asked me if I knew mmmake. They are much better.

I then met with Rainer and Isa for a first conversation and the sympathy was immediately there. Nevertheless, it took me a while before I was able to make a final commitment. With 10 years in the old job, such a step simply takes time.

Why did you want to get out of the big corporation????

Short decision-making processes, flat hierarchies, and a lot of personal responsibility are always touted by employers, even in large companies. However, this is usually simply not possible there, there are simply too many cogs. I imagine this works much better for agencies in general – at least it does here at mmmake.

In addition, there is the somewhat contradictory circumstance that work in large corporations is often somewhat fast-paced, so the focus can change suddenly. And when a project is implemented, it sometimes takes a long time to get feedback on it. In an agency, you get very immediate feedback, which is why you might work on things more deliberately.

This all sounds a bit mixed, but there are of course also positive aspects and I enjoyed working for a group for 10 years. You are very well taken care of, a lot of things are taken care of for you. In an agency, you have to keep an eye on more things yourself. This may be overwhelming for some, but for others, it’s exactly the ownership they want. I, at least, am very happy with it.

What topics have you been able to rediscover for yourself at mmmake?

Before mmmake, I also liked to deal with social media, but only privately. Over the past year, I have absorbed an extremely large amount of knowledge from colleagues who are incredibly fit at this. Influencer marketing, ads, community management … there are a lot of exciting fields and I’m eager to learn more every day.

Highlight of the 1st year?

The feeling of belonging since day 1. I was given a super warm welcome by this colorful bunch. From a professional perspective, working with Hyundai is very rewarding. Automobile, sports sponsorship as in the Hyundai Amateur Cup, etc. were completely new to me and I had correspondingly much fun getting to know them. Oh, and of course a big pitch win, which we hope to reveal more about soon!

Describe mmmake in just one word?

Dream Team.

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