10 years of mmmake 5 questions to Katharina Kechter

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Catherine and standstill? It definitely doesn’t add up. The passionate strength athlete and mother of two is simply always on the move and knows how to outgrow herself. And also how much work and discipline is involved. That is why we are especially honored that she has been with us for 10 years now and that we can continue to develop together. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Was hat sich in 10 Jahren bei mmmake verändert?

Pretty much everything. We have changed so incredibly much, improved, learned. We took detours, fell down, picked ourselves up again and simply developed a lot over the years.
The growth of the company has of course played a large part in the change, but the changing requirements of customers also “force” you to constantly work on yourself.

Wir sind in Summe viel strukturierter geworden. Wir haben klare Prozesse und arbeiten dennoch dynamisch. Wir haben verstanden, dass die Mitarbeiter unser höchstes Gut sind.
Zudem ist die strategische Ausrichtung von mmmake absolut zukunftsorientiert und bietet so jedem Einzelnen von uns ein sicheres Arbeitsumfeld. Einen großen Dank an dieser Stelle an die Geschäftsführung.

What has remained the same over the 10 years?

The long-established, former Indeca employees still shape the corporate culture here in Heilbronn. It is nice to see that after all these years, so many employees are still walking the path together with us.

10 years in an agency – highly unusual. What is your – or our – secret?

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a very wide range of activities over the 10 years. In addition, the company’s growth has meant that there have always been new challenges. Boredom has never arisen because of this.

You have a degree in engineering, oriented yourself towards project management at an early stage in your career and are now working for us in the People & Culture department. Are people more interesting than machines after all?

Eine sehr provokante Frage.

The profession of industrial engineer is characterized above all by a great deal of structure and logic. Qualities that absolutely correspond to my person. However, these clear lines in no way exclude working with people and for people. On the contrary, they help me a lot in my work, because clear structures not only simplify my life, but also make many things easier for individual employees.

Wie würdest du mmmake in nur einem Wort beschreiben?


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