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mmmake is Ucommerce Gold Partner

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It just doesn’t stop raining precious metal. We are now Ucommerce Gold Partner! This demonstrates that we can also successfully and routinely implement e-commerce solutions on a large scale for our customers. As a Gold Partner, we can now take the quality of our Ucommerce solutions up a notch and let our customers benefit from the close contact with Ucommerce itself.

They are already benefiting from the platform: ” Ucommerce has many advantages for our customers, which is why we think highly of the system and are so happy to use it. The seamless and easy integration with Sitecore is definitely one of the top priorities for us as a Sitecore Gold Partner.

However, this connection not only offers advantages in terms of integration – the users of the store system also benefit from it. Because of the close link between the two systems, the transition from Sitecore to Ucommerce is hardly noticeable and wonderfully easy to use. Since both are based on the .NET framework, our experienced development team is also pleased.

Everything you want from an enterprise commercial system

And of course, Ucommerce also offers everything you’d expect from an enterprise-level store. Campaigns and special promotions to attract and retain customers are easy to set up. It is also easy to set up multiple stores in different languages, multiple currencies are supported, and so on.

Okay, we do have two points: We know how important it is to connect third-party software to commerce platforms. Ucommerce also makes this easy and offers a lot of flexibility. The last point we want to mention here is the low license costs. Especially in combination with Sitecore, this creates an almost unbeatable overall package that can be highly customized to individual requirements and simply works reliably and quickly for end customers.

The success speaks for itself

With the Gold Partnership, we have shown that we are not only good at reciting this beautiful lip service. We have successfully used the system for various customers, such as Blickle, and have also convinced them of the benefits.

Now only you are missing! Are you looking for a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform? Then we know the perfect Ucommerce Gold Partner who will be happy to advise you. Just contact us without any obligation at sitecore@mmmake.com.

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