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Next Level Career Site at VEGA Grieshaber with Web Components

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After we were able to inspire world market leader VEGA Grieshaber with our agile software twin, we now moved on to the next project with the sensor manufacturer: the career site. At the same time, we wanted to challenge ourselves again, so we decided to use a newer web technology, “Web Components”. What was the challenge for us? We had never worked with Web Components before, so it was completely new territory for us. So we slipped into our Columbus boots and let the keyboards run hot.

The case – a new web technology is needed

The world market leader from the Black Forest, VEGA Grieshaber wanted something new for its career site. The field of web technology should be rethought, rethought. Our task: Build a design system that can be used everywhere at VEGA, be it a career site or a homepage. In addition, the new design system was to be integrated with the existing Sitecore Experience Platform. It should be highly dynamic while maintaining SEO functionality. Due to these requirements we decided to use the web technology “Web Components”.

Web Components: Maximum flexibility, reusable & technically modern

Web Components are a modern web standard for developing component-based reusable elements for the web . In simpler terms, Web Components can be used to create building blocks that can, for example, be assembled in a CMS system and enriched with content, such as uniform font sizes or fonts. Each module consists of its own HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can therefore be used anywhere.

The VEGA Grieshaber career site has many recurring elements, with different designs
The components consist of their own HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can therefore be used anywhere

The advantages at a glance:

Since Web Components are standardized, it is possible to use them everywhere. Thus, they can be used in older technologies such as MVC (Model View Controller), but also in modern frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue.js. In addition, Web Components are supported by all current browsers.

Reusability & Independence
Once developed, Web Components can be reused in very different places. Shadow DOM also makes it possible to build completely isolated or standalone (encapsulated) components, meaning you are not dependent on how and if they work together.

Time saving
Due to Responsive Design, components adapt to the screen or device size without the need to write additional markup.

SEO functionality
By separating functional and content markup, Web Components are best suited for SEO.

Since Web Components was able to meet all the requirements that VEGA Grieshaber had set us, it was obvious to us that we would work with it.

Our conclusion

As a team of experienced Angular developers, the development of Web Components was a breath of fresh air – a welcome change that also required a rethink in some places. And although we had to leave our comfort zone, the result is more than respectable.

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