One year at the IPAI

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We are celebrating one year at IPAI. In his guest article, our AI expert Hans Torben Löfflad reports on the highlights mmmake has experienced at the IPAI and what you can look forward to in 2024.

What is the IPAI?

IPAI stands for Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence and is one of the most ambitious projects for applied artificial intelligence in Europe. A unique AI hotspot is being created on 23 hectares with the aim of bringing together start-ups, companies, the public sector, research and science and creating a central platform that allows AI to be rethought and put into practice.

World-class AI and mmmake in the middle of it all

mmmake has been a central component of the IPAI since December 2022 and is actively involved in shaping it. For example, my colleague and fellow AI expert Manuel Hoffmann and I organize the IPAI Member MeetUp, which is now a fixed component of the IPAI community and takes place once a month. We will be discussing the use of AI, LLMs, chatbots, recruiting AI specialists, computer vision in production and much more. We are already looking forward to next year with contributions from the city of Heilbronn, the police and, last but not least, Aleph Alpha, the start-up that recently caused quite a stir.

Our highlights 2023 at the IPAI

In addition to the Member MeetUp, there are a few events that we particularly remember. Together with Würth, Schunk and Schwarz IT, we celebrated our House Warming Party “Welcome @ IPAI”. In an exciting panel discussion, Arno Huhn, Timo Gessmann, Jens Neumann and Jean-Pierre Erdas exchanged views on the challenge of establishing AI in the business environment and came to the conclusion that this works best through collaboration and the exchange of experiences.

Another highlight was the AI Festival, which took place within sight of the IPAI. In summer, over 7,000 visitors experienced AI up close. In addition to the opportunity to network, the main focus was on experiencing AI and exchanging ideas with AI experts. With AIWIN, we have revived Pong, an arcade game from the 1980s, with a twist: you play against an AI that has learned to play Pong based on pixels using reinforcement learning.

What can we expect at the IPAI in 2024?

The IPAI will grow. The current 1,200 sqm will become 6,000 sqm with a visitor center, real lab, co-working spaces and event areas. This not only offers more space, but also expands the infrastructure, simplifies collaboration and promotes innovation and exchange. The KI Festival will be held on 29. & June 30, 2024 will take place again – so: save the date! It’s already marked in bold in our calendar. The IPAI Member MeetUp will also continue to grow rapidly and generate new impetus and collaborations. We are delighted to be part of this innovative community. Here’s to an exciting 2024.

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