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Social First Campaign for Bad Reichenhaller Anniversary Part 2

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A brief look back: At the end of Part 1, we posed four questions:

/ Why do you need a converted sprinter for an indoor shoot?

/ Why is the shoot taking place in Mainz and not in … well … Bad Reichenhall?

/ How does the implementation of such an event work in current times?

/ And anyway: Isn’t Bad Reichenhaller already 70 years old in 2020?

Today we’re saving you brave blog climbers and resolving those cliffhangers.

Let’s start with question #4. In a nutshell: Absolutely right, Bad Reichenhaller already turned 70 in 2020. And our cooperation with Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke, to which the Bad Reichenhaller brand belongs, also began on schedule just under two years ago. For us, it was a special customer even back then, because just like the customer, we are firmly anchored in the Heilbronn region – albeit not yet 70 years old.

Under the original campaign name “Salty on Tour”, everything was intensively planned for a roadshow lasting several weeks with the lovingly bullifaktur converted Sprinter “Salty” prepared for spring / summer 2020. It should be diamond-shaped – as otherwise ???? – should be toured through the republic. Stops in various major cities included (question #1 would be ticked off). The launch and the associated press event should be celebrated as planned with many visitors in the brand home Bad Reichenhall.

Lane change and full throttle!

As you can imagine, this plan fell through thanks to Corona. Over the course of the last few months, it has also become clear that we can’t just keep pushing the campaign back. And we finally wanted to celebrate brand anniversaries. Thus, it was a matter of being agile and facing all challenges. “Salty & Friends” – an indoor version of the campaign – was born.

The great thing is, the campaign continues to pay off and even better on the social-first concept and in a big way on the Bad Reichenhaller brand’s digital offensive.

Short, crisp, but highly informative: The digital press event set up together with imagis was just the right flavor.We chose Halle45 in Mainz as the location, which not only offered enough space for safe filming, but also responded very flexibly to our requirements in other respects. Together with our partners from imagis, we were also able to set up a live stream press event that was in no way inferior to various TV formats. In this way, we also provided the trade and general press with all the important information.

Here, and throughout the entire shoot, Soundline should not go unmentioned, who professionally took care of the technology. We can also only praise the cooperation with Taste.

And somehow we were there after all!

There was a very special highlight on top: Since our content creators and crew did not go live to Bad Reichenhall, our colleagues from XRGO set up a virtual tour of the Berchtesgaden salt mine.

Thanks to the latest VR technology, we then went at least virtually to the rock salt grotto, the Magic Salt Room and the Mirror Lake – certainly no less impressive.

Diving into the salt cave: Unfortunately, from this perspective, you can’t see the glitter of the salt crystals, nor the glint of the wide-open eyes.

Good food starts with hygiene in the kitchen

Thanks to a fully comprehensive hygiene concept and permanently present hygiene officer, we were able to meet in Mainz with the best possible contact reduction. Fair Management with Volker Fulst was the responsible partner at our side here.

Daily testing, spacing and wearing of masks allowed us to execute the event while providing maximum safety for the crew and all guests.

Behind the camera, too, the physical well-being was taken care of. Thanks to Messerich Catering, no team member went hungry. Because appetite was practically always provided with the great food in front of the lens. ????

70 years of Bad Reichenhaller – thank you for this experience!

What became very clear to us once again: Especially the point “Quality Time” is so important at this time. The fact that Bad Reichenhaller has created the opportunity here to come together once again in a safe atmosphere and share experiences with each other has left a great impression on everyone involved.

We also enjoyed the direct cooperation with Bad Reichenhaller. The fact that we as an agency are constantly changing and permanently agile is part of our everyday life. But the fact that a group like Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke has displayed maximum flexibility, a healthy dose of pragmatism and, above all, comprehensive agility in relation to this campaign – that is really special. And for that we would also like to say thank you. We are proud to be the partner at their side!

As a farewell, here’s a small picture gallery with top secret footage from a dress rehearsal with the trusty Salty. ????

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