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VEGA Grieshaber KG

Career website

We developed a subpage with its own UX/UI for the careers page ,which is aimedat potential employeeswith a fresher look .

The sensor manufacturer and world market leader VEGA Grieshaber KG from the Black Forest develops innovative measuring techniques that are easy to use and offer maximum safety and reliability.


Comprehensive, modern employer branding

Until now, the focus has been on B2B customers, but the new version of the site is also intended to address potential employees – as part of the overall employer branding. VEGA wanted a completely new approach to the careers site that could still be integrated into their existing systems. The UX/UI developed for the underside is very different from the overarching style. The challenge was to create a completely unique, modern styling – but with the same CMS system in the background.


Consistency across different designs

In order to maintain the existing systems, we have built a design system that can be used anywhere at VEGA, be it the careers page or the homepage. The new design system was integrated into the existing Sitecore Experience Platform and was therefore able to retain the SEO functionality. Due to the requirements, we decided to use the web technology “Web Components”. This has enabled us to ensure the important consistency in the old and new design.


Focus on people

While the VEGA website focuses strongly on VEGA’s products, the careers page focuses on VEGA’s people. The website modules were therefore designed with many visuals.

Time saving

Thanks to the responsive design, the components adapt to the screen or device size without the need to write additional markup.

New look

The content of the careers page is maintained in the same CMS system as the entire website, although it has a completely different structure and style.
Service areas

  • CMS

    We implemented the project in the same CMS in the form of a microsite in Sitecore.

  • Frontend development

    To develop new UX/UI elements, we used the web technology “Web Components”.

  • Project management

    In order to meet the requirements, we adopted an agile development approach.

To build the new career site, we used “Web Components” technology: a modern web standard for developing component-based, reusable elements for the web. This makes it possible to create modules that can be combined in a CMS system, for example, and enriched with content such as uniform font sizes or fonts. Each module consists of its own HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can therefore be used anywhere. This was a practical solution for maintaining the CMS system.

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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