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Ensinger GmbH

Modular system

Central control of website content? It works – even simply and intelligently! With a modular system that controls content centrally. This reduces time-consuming maintenance and creates a centrally controlled approval process. We implemented this for Ensinger.

Ensinger GmbH is an expert in high-performance plastics and operates internationally at over 30 locations. The company is involved in the development of components made of engineering plastics and the further development of proven manufacturing processes.


Implementation of overarching requirements

As part of the website relaunch, Ensinger wants to simplify the time-consuming maintenance of decentralized country websites and create centrally controlled approval processes. With the help of an extensive product finder with a comparison function, the site can also be used optimally as a sales tool.


Achieving results with agility

We were responsible for the conception, redesign and technological implementation of Ensinger’s new website and also worked on the brand pages for the “insulbar” sub-brand. The website was created in Atomic Design, which was ideally suited to the Sitecore-based modular system.

The project was implemented in two stages: First, we created a minimum viable product (MVP) to enable early content maintenance. Additional functions were then added in an agile project environment. To enable Ensinger to exploit the full potential of the product finder, we implemented the import of product information.



The various country pages have been integrated into one system. The customer now has a centralized system for maintaining multiple countries and microsites.


Fast response times to inquiries and requirements are made possible thanks to our agile way of working.


Both the import of product data and the export of customer data integrate the website into the customer’s own systems.
Service areas

  • Project management

    Thanks to efficient project management and comprehensive advice, we were able to complete the project as planned and overcome any challenges that arose together.

  • Software development

    With the help of agile software development and our Sitecore experts, the new website was developed with integrations into third-party systems and transferred to cloud operation.

  • UX/UI

    The conception and redesign of the website based on Atomic Design is perfectly suited to the modular system based on Sitecore.


For our project with Ensinger, we relied on two of our strong partners: Sitecore as a content management system and Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing platform.

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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