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Rotzinger PharmaPack GmbH

Workshop code generation using AI

We developed a special workshop for Rotzinger PharmaPack in which the potential of potential of AI tools to increase efficiency in software development. software development was explored.

Rotzinger PharmaPack is the competence center for pharmaceutical packaging within the Rotzinger Group. Its core business is solutions for the packaging and cartoning of solid and liquid end products as well as track & trace solutions for serialization and aggregation.

“The workshop inspired us at Rotzinger PharmaPack. The in-depth insights into AI tools are extremely valuable. Easy access to these technologies enables us to make our software development more efficient in the long term.”
Christoph Schwörer
Head of Software Development
Rotzinger PharmaPack GmbH

Insight into AI tools

It is not easy to keep track of the constantly growing landscape of generative AI tools. With so much choice, it is difficult to know which generative AI helper is the right tool to speed up the day-to-day work of the developers at Rotzinger PharmaPack.

It is important to know how the technology behind the tools works and how they can be used in a targeted manner. This is the only way to fully exploit the potential of these tools. Rotzinger PharmaPack needed the appropriate advice and expertise to explore precisely this potential for its solutions.


Tailor-made workshop for the perfect overview

We have conducted a customized workshop that teaches how can support generative AI in software development. He is aiming for this, Enable developers and team leaders to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the tools and integrate them into their work context.

The workshop enabled the participants concrete advantages of AI tools and learn the necessary steps for integrating AI tools into their derive development processes. Thus, the expected long-term advantages of AI tools visible.



In the workshop, participants were given a clear overview of the tool landscape and gained practical experience with the tools.


The participants experienced how the tools take over repetitive tasks and how the integrated assistant provides precise answers and thus makes our work easier.


With the workshop, we see the potential for saving time with the tools in software development.
Service areas

  • Technical implementation
    We offer the necessary technical expertise to implement AI tools smoothly in existing processes.
  • Extensive expertise
    In a broad landscape of AI tools for software development, we have the expertise to maintain an overview.
  • Context-specific
    Our advice on AI solutions is offered in their context to enable concrete steps for the integration of AI tools.
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Dr. Hans Torben Löfflad
Team Lead AI Engineers Get in touch

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