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employee recruitment & retention: attracting and retaining – today’s talent

In order to secure their own future viability and to achieve business goals in the long term, employee recruitment and retention are crucial for companies. Given the prevailing shortage of employees, an attractive salary alone is no longer enough: If companies want to remain competitive in the talent market, they need tailored measures to ensure that employees come and stay for the long term. We develop these together with you.


the recruitment and retention of suitable employees

To counteract the shortage of employees and stand out from the competition, companies must create attractive and target-group-specific offerings. In the context of employee recruitment and retention, this means understanding the needs of candidates, applicants and employees and deriving tailor-made measures.


the development of a close employer brand

With our HXM services for employee recruitment and retention, we support you in developing a differentiating, authentic and special employer brand inorder to be perceived as an attractive company. We will show you how to attract, inspire and convince suitable candidates and thus win them over as employees for your company. In addition, the employer brand ensures that the existing workforce identifies more strongly with the company and thus contributes to long-term loyalty.

your advantages your advantages

target group orienteduniquestrategic

the right angle of viewis crucial

We think about talent attraction and acquisition from a target group perspective and transfer marketing and sales approaches to employee recruitment and retention measures. Candidate and employee experience are not buzzwords for us, but guiding principles of our daily work when it comes to recruiting and onboarding.

While other consultancies often have to hire an external agency to develop a coordinated creative concept and campaign, we have the necessary agency expertise in-house. This enables a smooth transition and creates synergies in the process.


employer branding consulting

employee recruitment and retention tailored to your company’s needs

Current developments such as “The Great Resignation” or demographic change, which we report on in our blog, present companies with the challenge of further developing their work culture in order to remain attractive to candidates, applicants and employees. With our Talent Attraction and Acquisition services, we support you in this process:

  • attract suitable candidates and inspire them(employer branding) in order to win them as employees (recruiting),
  • successfully (onboarding),
  • and retain them in the long term (employee experience).

Depending on your needs, we develop the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) or the employer promise together with you. This enables us to communicate key messages and offerings clearly and market them attractively both internally and externally.

By involving your employees in the process, we increase identification right from the start and ensure maximum process transparency. One thing is clear: You can tell a lot of stories, but it is essential to be authentic and honest. Equally important is the analysis of the competition on the labor market. Only in this way can we develop a positioning that reaches the relevant target groups and at the same time stands out in a unique way.

our measures for long-term employee recruitment and retention

1. employer branding (concept & creativity)


Together we analyze which elements your employer brand needs to be perceived as relevant, authentic and differentiating. Understanding the preferences of your target groups (candidates, applicants and employees) is our top priority. We then combine these findings with a competitive analysis and the employer characteristics that already exist. In this way, we identify strengths and areas for action. By condensing the strengths and optimizing the fields of action, we gradually develop the core elements and messages of your EPP. We then review these measures to ensure that they meet our guiding principle of a user:inside-centric approach and resonate with your target audiences. Depending on your needs, you will also receive a tailor-made creative concept and a coordinated campaign that addresses potential applicants online and/or offline.


2. optimization of the recruiting process

A close link between employer branding and recruiting is critical to validate the initial messages and convey them credibly within the candidate experience. Therefore, we look at the “moments that matter” from the applicant’s point of view and illuminate the respective touchpoints between the target group and your company.


We actively involve the target groups in the process by letting them go through the Journey and collecting feedback. On this basis, we identify both quick wins and areas for action. We prioritize these in an overarching roadmap to highlight the key issues and translate the optimization process into concrete measures.

3. design of the onboarding process

Onboarding is crucial for a successful start of new employees in the company. It lays the foundation for their experience and shapes the corporate culture. Effective onboarding confirms to employees that they have made the right choice of employer and have found their professional home. Therefore, we shed light on onboarding as part of the optimization process and evaluate the maturity level. We focus on three aspects: technical, social and functional onboarding, which are critical to the experience of the first days, weeks and months in most companies.

By benchmarking against best practices, we can elicit and assess the current state of “moments that matter.” If this does not happen, you run the risk of losing your employees again within the probationary period.


4. impulse workshops

Sometimes, when it comes to employer branding, recruiting or onboarding, all that is needed is an impulse to sensitize people to new perspectives or to trigger a thought process. Here, too, we are happy to support you within the framework of impulse lectures or workshops. This allows us to identify acute pain points and offer initial ideas on how to solve them and create a real experience.

5. market trends and best practices

Thanks to our extensive project experience and our important market insights, you can benefit from our trend and best practice impulses at any time. In doing so, we present a variety of topics with corresponding solution approaches. This step helps to trigger a sense of ease and create an appetite for the change, as it becomes tangible and less intimidating with concrete examples.

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