our ki workshop: artificial intelligence in production

Artificial intelligence is here to inspire, revolutionize and surprise. The technology is particularly exciting for companies, because those who use AI correctly can increase efficiency and thus gain an important competitive advantage.



ki offers opportunities, but also uncertainty

Almost every day we hear about what AI can do. Rather less frequently, we hear how their impressive skills can be integrated into everyday corporate life. Often, companies face the challenge of getting started with artificial intelligence to understand what role it can and will play.


our ki workshop creates the basic understanding of ki & its potential

With our workshop “Artificial Intelligence in Production” we offer a practical introduction to the topic and identify together with you the possible AI use cases in your company. With this knowledge, you can optimize the development of your internal processes and find your individual approach to AI.

Time: 2,5 hours

Price: upon request

your advantages your advantages

ki understandinguse casesopportunity recognition

concentrated expertiseof our ki-engineers

You will receive a real and realistic assessment from our experts on how AI can be successfully implemented in your company.

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Jens Stolz
Division Lead Software Consulting & Engineering contact

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insights into the recruitment of ki specialists

Are you facing the challenge of establishing the topic of AI in your company? You can find out how to attract the right talent here.

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How does an artificial intelligence actually learn?

Our AI engineer Manuel Hoffmann outlines how to make an AI more powerful in simple steps.


How recommendation systems influence our consumption

Recommendation systems are one of the most well-known examples of AI in e-commerce. Our guest author Mirko explains how they work.