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Allgäu trip instead of everyday routine

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Our Digital Agency Services Makies combined work and play in June. And in no less a picturesque place than the Allgäu! Finally back in real and live with everyone on one pile. The focus was on one topic in particular: the further development of our existing customers .

For this purpose, the colleagues went on a workation together, where they usually combine work and leisure in beautiful places. We started on Sunday evening, after the first contact, a short check-in and arrival, we immediately had dinner together, including community games and one or the other cool drink. A toast was made to finally seeing each other again in a larger group, or seeing each other at all – because in fact, the team has been working together remotely for most of the last two years, sometimes seeing no more than head and torso of each other through the laptop camera.

The accommodation was made for it: on three floors and picturesque outdoor area spread rooms, conference room, restaurant, sauna, yoga platform and pure nature! Free-range chickens and the finest cuisine made the idyll and feel-good atmosphere perfect.

New ideas and creative concepts

On Mondays, we started right after breakfast – and off to the conference room. Agency Division Lead Isabell gave a short insight into the travel plans and at the latest now everyone was on fire! With free groups, we went to work on the further development of our long-standing existing customers. These included Assenheimer-Mulfinger, Bad Reichenhaller, Würth, PreZero and Kaufland. For all of them it was a matter of: working in, working out, – but above all: working together. Whether on the yoga deck, the kitchen table, on the old wooden floor of the courtyard – everywhere they worked diligently on ideas and concepts.

Our takeaways

What were the findings? By bringing our different areas closer together, each got a different view of the other’s work. Everyone has ventured out of their comfort zone and thought outside the box.

After the first two intensive and busy days, the hiking boots were laced up and it was off to the mountain – to be precise, to the “guardian of the Allgäu”, the Grünten. Here, too, it was a case of getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things and, above all, broadening your horizons, because the view from the summit was incredible.

Our conclusion: Workation? Yes, please, and definitely again! Free space and a change of scenery are incredibly important for triggering creative processes, the work and exchange in groups is inspiring, and by the way: How good can the atmosphere in such a team actually be? mmmake Digital Agency Services: Yes!

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