Beat Chart: Making your organizational structure agile

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Tell me your project and I’ll tell you if your team fits it.

Sounds crazy? But that will soon become reality with BeatChart – our specially developed agile organizational structure for SAP® SuccessFactors.

First things first

About a year ago, we had the idea to create an organizational structure for SAP® SuccessFactors that was different from the norm – exciting yet clear. We wanted to develop something that was flexible and could map more than the rigid and lame organizational charts. So off we went.

Goodbye old-fashioned organization chart, hello BeatChart!

The highlight: With BeatChart, not only pure departments and hierarchies can be mapped, but also entire project teams. This way it is possible to find colleagues and teams via the search bar and at the same time see in which department or team the person works. Conversely, the team search displays the members of the respective team.

There is more

We still have so much to do with BeatChart. In the future, for example, skills and capacities will also be displayed. What’s the point? The best result for each project, because: Based on the skills, you can quickly put together the perfect team for your project. Need someone who knows online marketing and an SAP developer? Simply enter the skill and select it. Via traffic light system BeatChart then tells you if the people are available.

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More Information


Our BeatChart is available in the SAP Store – for a transparent and flexible representation of your organizational structure: Read more.

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