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Come do MINT 7 questions for Marie

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Women are often hesitant to enter STEM professions. Marie made it easy. She has been with us as a backend developer for almost half a year and strengthens the proportion of women in the team. Why this is super cool? Because Marie shows us that you just can’t let yourself get carried away. When she’s not figuring out codes for mmmake, she plays the violin, rides horses, or plays strategy games – and she answered our questions for the following interview:

Hello Marie! How did you discover a passion for your profession?

I have always been a computer enthusiast and technically minded person, but have seen myself more in chemistry or physics. The latter, however, was spoiled for me by the school. The decision to study IT was more a question of “Why not?” for me. There were so many things that interested me and so much I wanted to learn. So I chose computer science as my entry point so that I could either become more technical, or less technical, later. I just wanted to try it out and see what suited me. A year later, I was already enjoying it so much – it was absolutely the right decision for me.

Have you ever faced headwind because of your career choice?

Actually, I never had any problems and everything went smoothly. There were maybe a few teachers who reacted stupidly. But I just didn’t care about their opinion. I thought to myself: other people certainly don’t know better than I do what I can and can’t do.

What excites you so much about programming?

There are a lot of things: One is thinking about how I wind something up. But the implementation and testing are also fun. Even the search for bugs. That is simply satisfying. What I also find very nice is that I can go to the computer with all patience and examine and test the same thing a thousand times. In a social setting, I couldn’t ask a person the same question over and over and see what changes.

How does it feel as a woman to work in a professional field that is mainly male? Are you being treated differently?

You feel good when you are recognized by your colleagues and bosses and when there is a good atmosphere. If there is basic respect and fairness for all, there is no difference. Personally, I have yet to feel treated differently than others who are new to a team, regardless of gender.

Why should more women enter STEM professions?

I’m not at all of the opinion that we specifically need more women in STEM professions. Everyone should just do what interests them. And I don’t necessarily see more women there, but fewer obstacles for everyone who feels limited. The prejudices “You can’t do that!” or “You shouldn’t do that!” have to be dismantled.

What tips would you give to women choosing a STEM career?

Don’t give up at the first hurdle! That is the most important thing. This throws most out of their studies. At some point, everyone reaches the point where he or she is stuck. At that moment you are in contact with your own prejudices and you doubt yourself. You build a mental block for yourself. But when you work past that point, you accomplish things you never thought you could.

Finally, a purely hypothetical question: If you were omnipotent, what would you do to make it easier for women to enter STEM professions?

Remove sexist idiots. This is actually the end of the whole thing. Because as long as everyone:r can feel comfortable, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it.


Thank you, Marie, for the inspiring interview. We can only encourage all young women to do so: Come on, do MINT!

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