Driving digitization forward in your own company – this is how it works

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What is the state of digitization in Germany? If the current Bitkom survey is to be believed – not good. Over 600 companies were surveyed here, with a clear result: 95% believe that supply chain disruptions are slowing down digitization, and 92% also see the same trend in terms of rising inflation.

Source: bitkom Research

For companies, these developments mean further challenges in their own strategic development. This makes it all the more important for many to find out how their own digitization can best progress. “We often get in our own way by expecting too much. It’s much better to move forward in small steps without losing sight of the big goal,” says Marcel Appolt, CEO at mmmake. He is convinced that digitization in companies is imperative in order to be globally competitive. In our interview, you can see how a company can achieve this and why its own employees play a central role in this.

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