Exclusive look behind the scenes video production for Hyundai Europe

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MythBusters in the Netherlands – we dispel preconceptions about e-mobility with Hyundai Motor Europe.

Electric cars are expensive, take forever to charge and are not that sustainable!“You’ve probably heard this before. But: Is that true at all?

This is what Hyundai Motor Europe wanted to clear up together with us MythBuster like. The result: Part 2 of our EVQ (Hyundai Electric Vehicle Questions). Five short and crisp videos for social media and the web that educate you about e-mobility at Hyundai and show that electric mobility is very much suitable for everyday use.

Produced and designed by mmmake.

Our 10-person film team was on the road in the Netherlands for ten days. Shooting took place on coastal roads, on a parking deck in the city center, in a housing estate or on the beach.

Pictures Copyright:Matthias Landenberger

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