From the life of a mmmake trainee

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Learning by playing is the best way to learn: That’s why the Game of Life game accompanied our trainees during our Coding Week 2021. Game of Life? You might be thinking of a TV series. Wrong thinking!
The game is a hit among CAMAOs and works roughly like this:
No one survives alone, overpopulated just as little. Those who act cleverly get ahead.

The program also included working in teams, getting to know each other and regularly presenting results. Thus, codes were developed under new conditions on a daily basis. For example, in TDD, i.e. Test-Driven-Development.
What is this good for? Our trainees wrote test cases before moving on to development.
Thus, a rough roadmap was created – and it could be constantly tested and improved.

In the morning, the team started, in the evening the groups presented results. The challenge: How do you work on code with other developers at the same time? Before the start, the couples determined the scope – that is, the extent,
and shared it in the common teams channel. Consideration was also given to Language, Pair Programming Style and Constraint, Happy Code, and Commit the Code.

The result after one week: Everyone developed further – including the jointly improved and tested code. In the end, there was not only a super result,
but also a pizza together. It only remains to say:
It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to next year.
You want to try your hand at the Game of Life? You can do that here. Do you have any suggestions or do you like the game? Then feel free to contact us: hello@mmmake.com

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