Go hard and stay home: mmmake remains at home

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Sweatpants off, office clothes on. Miles of traffic jams, frustrated and stressed faces. For many people throughout Germany, their time in the home office has now come to an end, because since March 20, the home office obligation no longer applies. For us at mmmake, that’s out of the question – we’ll continue to stay at home. However, this does not only have to do with the pandemic.

We have many reasons for this. Let’s start with the most important one: Responsibility. Given the current Corona numbers, we simply cannot guarantee the safety of our employees. The risk of infection is too high.

A world that mmmake likes
But even so, the classic return to the office is out of the question for us – after all, we already decided last year that we simply didn’t want compulsory attendance and core working hours anymore. For all mmmake employees, this means working whenever and wherever they want. This gives us maximum freedom and flexibility in terms of workstyle.

And because we then freed ourselves from our tight corset anyway, we simultaneously removed the term “office” from our world and turned it into meeting places. A place to promote exchange between all – even across cities. Simply book the respective place online, pack your laptop and off you go. This gives each of us the opportunity to work from Heilbronn, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart or Plovdiv. See something new, meet other colleagues and breathe different air.

Next Level Experience for All
Whether you’re a night owl or a lark; on the beach, in the mountains or in our meeting spaces – we give everyone the opportunity to work when they’re most productive. In this way, we offer our employees the best work-life experience.

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