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Job bike instead of company car

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Spring at last, sun at last – time to get on the bike. No bike at the start? No problem! Because at mmmake, every employee has the chance to get a job bike. Our sports icon & Unit Lead of the HR department Katharina Kechter took the opportunity and even went one pedal further: She completely gave up her company car and chose the job bike instead. We wanted to know from her how this came about:

The 1 million Euro question: Why did you decide to choose the job bike instead of a company car?
I am lucky enough to live very centrally in Heilbronn, so I can get to any place in Heilbronn quickly. I find it simply unnecessary to always use the car for this. The bicycle is not only more environmentally friendly, but also much faster with all the traffic.

Did you find the decision difficult?
No, absolutely not. The bicycle is, of course, not a substitute for a car. It’s just the little motivational injection it sometimes takes to get more exercise into your daily routine. With all the work on the computer, this comes in very handy. Of course, it is not possible to do completely without a car. If only to chauffeur the children. There is always a car available in the private environment when it is needed.

What are the advantages of the job bike for you?
In addition to the health aspects that a bicycle always brings, of course, the costs are unbeatable in relation to private bicycle leasing. Here you “drive” significantly cheaper.

Is this a forever decision, or can you also decide at some point that you’d rather choose the company car after all?
If you choose a job bike, you are tied to it for three years. Nevertheless, you can also combine both (bike and company car). One does not exclude the other. However, if you decide to forgo the company car and take the job bike, you receive the job bike as a salary extra. Means: It is completely free of charge.

Would you recommend the job bike to others?
Absolutely. For me, it’s the combination of economic benefits for the employee and the health aspect. I want to stay fit even during a long sedentary day at work. And every move plays into my cards.

Therefore, my very clear appeal is: Get on your bike!

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