Like a Rolling Store: Enterprise Website including Shop System with Sitecore SXA

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Blickle is a typical hidden champion from the Ländle region: a global leader in the B2B segment, Blickle wheels and castors keep the economy moving in all industries.

So where is the interface between Blickle and mmmake? As an internationally active company, the website and online store are a central element of Blickle’s sales strategy. Especially now – without large trade shows and classic sales processes in the B2B segment – a strong digital presence is worth its weight in gold. And we, we are Sitecore Platinum Partner, SAP® Gold Partner and Ucommerce Gold Partner. We know our way around powerful enterprise websites including a strong e-commerce suite for an international audience. Perfect match? Yes!

Strong technology package from Sitecore and Ucommerce

Blickle’s order to us was a complete website relaunch with the goal of increasing conversion and thus also sales. There were great demands on the store system in particular. In 2021, a well-designed and engaging user experience is a given, if not always easy to implement.

The store should also provide customers with a strong basis for advice, so that they also feel well informed digitally and Blickle’s sales are supported in the best possible way. The information architecture of the website in interaction with the store system was thus fully adapted to the needs of Blickle customers and employees.

We have already revealed the technology suite: With Sitecore SXA, we have placed the Blickle website on a future-proof and easy-to-maintain framework, so that employees can also easily maintain and design the site. For the store system, we decided on Ucommerce together with Blickle. The integration into Sitecore is child’s play, the range of functions fulfills almost every wish – and the possibility to create a multi-language setup is also very relevant for Blickle.

Very good rolling properties in cooperation

We managed the entire process from conception to design and programming of the website, relying on agile project management. In this way, we were able to ensure the quality and fulfillment of customer requirements for each module step by step, as well as incorporate many improvements in the ongoing development. This kind of collaboration was also super easy to do with Blickle, so the process was an enriching experience for both sides.

The key to success was, above all, the intensive and close exchange with as many stakeholders as possible at Blickle. We talked to the wheel and castor specialist’s own development department as well as to the SAP and marketing people. Of course, this means a lot of effort. However, this is saved for later, if individual needs had been ignored. With the model we used, we were able to work out the solutions together and bring in many different aspects that significantly enhanced the final product and avoided mistakes.

We are happy to play this role again!

What remains to be said in conclusion? The cooperation with Blickle has been a lot of fun – and fortunately still continues. Our Sitecore professionals really got to show what they’re made of on this project, and why we deserve the Sitecore Platinum Partnership deserve. What’s more, by working together in a spirit of partnership and openness, we have also been able to take away many valuable lessons for the future in order to further refine our care and services. We are looking forward to tackling the new goals set with Blickle. Of course, our mailbox is also always open for new, exciting projects. Just write to us at .

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