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mmmake goes Leipzig Where revolution begins

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Just last week we told you about the new mmmake office in Düsseldorf. Today we leave the “longest bar in the world” and move on to the “Paris of the East”, probably the hippest city in Germany at the moment. As of June 1, the motto is: Welcome to mmmake Leipzig!

Everything closes – we open

Three new offices despite a year of pandemic. Is there a method to this madness? It is at least the result of a coherent connection between people, place and business model. Because mmmake Co-Founder Marcel Appolt was able to win over two absolute top minds for the new location: Stephan Wiese and Marco Neumann have together in the past decade the IT location Leipzig for portals such as,,,,, and others on in the peak over 500 IT employees with expanded. Both are on board as founding members from Day 1.

Our new quarters in Leipzig. Imposing from the outside, but the real magic happens behind the walls! © designoffices.deThis personal orientation naturally shapes the thematic character of the “Technology Location Leipzig”. Because in the future, everything there will revolve around the topic of digital experience services. The term is scintillating. It means much more than simply replacing analog processes with digital ones and contains precisely the better interaction between people, brands and machines that mmmake stands for. It’s about improving human communication and interaction through technology.

In Leipzig, people, brands and machines work together

At CAMAO, we divide the term into digital consulting services, agency services, and technology services. They will all become part of the Leipzig site portfolio, which will rely on local expertise in software development and IT in the areas of front-end, back-end, applications, AI and IT infrastructure from the very beginning. Because Leipzig is currently making a name for itself as a technology and IT location: Last year, the IT sector recorded the largest increase of all economic sectors and has grown by a good 50 percent over the last ten years to around 13,000 jobs. Many large, well-known brands are located here – and they are joined by promising startups.

Welcome to Hypezig, Welcome to CAMAO

The city also suits us very well in other respects. Leipzig is considered by many to be the hippest major city in Germany at the moment – for good reasons. Leipzig attracts a young artistic and creative scene and has a vibrant arts and cultural landscape. The nearby airport and proximity to Berlin are also definite plus points.

Architecturally, the city is also always worth a visit with Art Nouveau, Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic buildings. Speaking of buildings: In typical mmmake style, we have also chosen a particularly beautiful spot at the new Leipzig location. The office is located close to the city center in the historic Alte Post directly at Augustusplatz and offers space for perspectively more than 30 new CAMAOs.

Looks cozy, doesn’t it? We think so too! Perhaps we will soon get to know each other in the new premises. ©

And PS: These are exactly the people we are looking for in the new office! Because orders from customers like LIDL, Kaufland, Real Digital, the Volkswagen Group, Deutsche Telekom, Hyundai and a lot of exciting medium-sized companies like VEGA Grieshaber KG, the WÜRTH Group or the scaffolding system manufacturer Layher are already in the pipeline here – so there’s plenty to do from day one! So if you are a developer or know someone who is: Have a look at our open positions!

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