Social First Campaign for Bad Reichenhaller Anniversary Part 1

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“Salty & Friends – 70 years of kitchen stories”: This is the claim under which we are currently celebrating their big brand anniversary with Bad Reichenhaller. Whereas others celebrate their seventieth birthday with a bang, a shower of confetti, and a wet handshake, Bad Reichenhaller preferred to use the occasion to make a big splash on social media.

You can imagine how our eyes lit up at this request. So we put together an all-round carefree package for Bad Reichenhaller for a social-first campaign: from concept, entire event organization, content creation and influencer:inside support plus participant management, individual hygiene concept and livestream, press event and complete cinematic accompaniment, everything was and is really included.

Ingredient #1 for the social-first campaign: Influencer:ins!

Influencers are of course the most logical cooperation partners for such a campaign. The plan: Bad Reichenhaller provides the content and our influencers supply their communities with it. Here’s a quick rundown of the facts – here’s what was on the menu:

/ 5 well-known Influencer:innen and 1 moderator

/ 4 Mottos and cooking challenges

/ 8 Candidates from the Community

/ 1 converted Sprinter, affectionately christened “Salty”.

Okay, and they’re doing what exactly now? The answer is simple: cook, have fun, celebrate the anniversary, spend quality time together and, of course, reach a lot of gross contacts via various social media channels. ????

And so that no one here accuses us of being secretive about who we had on board: With Kikis Kitchen, Kupferfuchs and Philipp Steuer, Silvi Carlsson and Felicitas Then, we were able to gain wide-ranging support from the world of influencers for the campaign. All of them are different characters with different kitchen philosophies and personalities, serving the classic food environment, but still moving far beyond it and standing for their values.

As host, Sebastian Merget leads through the campaign with his very own charming style and – in addition to moderating the cooking challenges – elicits one or two anecdotes from the content creators in the talk format “Salty Talks” (a kind of vlogcast).

That’s them: The “Friends” of “Salty & Friends”. And they are all just as great people live as they are in front of the camera. (from left to right: Philipp Steuer, Felicitas Then, Silvi Carlsson, Kiki from Kikis Kitchen and Sebastian Merget)

Social-First campaign means: Not only to watch, also to participate!

Influencers are in contact with their community every day. Simply placing them in a brand context and then waiting for success to come on its own would not be a great moment in social media marketing. We wanted the community to be up close and live – at least as much as is possible during a pandemic.

And we also came up with a solution: The content creators used their Instagram channels to call for participation in their respective cooking challenge under an individual motto.

Two candidates each could apply, then cook against each other on site and spend time with their favorite influencers at the same time. Two people on the ground is obviously a great proxy for the community. But what about everyone else? The rest of the Bad Reichenhall community was of course able to watch the cooking challenges live – very easily via Instagram livestream.

The secret star of the campaign: Sprinter “Salty

First of all, a big thank you goes to Bullifaktur for this custom-made product. But what does “Salty” have under the hood? All sorts of things! The Sprinter with Bad Reichenhall branding is a mobile kitchen, YouTube studio and favorite place all in one. Equipped with its two pull-out outdoor kitchens, it offers the perfect “battlefield” for an exciting showdown at the stove. And, of course, plenty of space to write new kitchen stories.

Koch showdown in Mainz: A week full of social content

Aprons on, cooking spoons ready, heat turned up full and Salty in position: In Mainz’s Halle45 as an open-plan studio, we, Bad Reichenhaller and the Influencer:ins were ready to write exactly these kitchen stories. During the live events, lots of tasty dishes were conjured up, enthusiastic competition for victory took place, winnings were shared fraternally, and hardly an eye remained dry.

The whole thing can be followed up with highlight clips, talk formats and many other insights until the end of May on the Bad Reichenhall Instagram channel, via YouTube and on the “Salty & Friends” landing page.

The campaign that could have been

Actually, we’re done here. But maybe you’ve already asked yourself a few questions while reading. For example:

/ Why do you need a converted sprinter for an indoor shoot?

/ Why is it held in Mainz and not in … well … Bad Reichenhall?

/ And anyway: Hasn’t Bad Reichenhaller already turned 70 in 2020?

/ How does the implementation of such an event even work in current times?

Spoiler 1: All questions are absolutely legitimate.

Spoiler 2: We have the right answers – and they will follow soon in the second part. ????

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