The ULMtimative Sitecore Experience Award for mmmake

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This year, our website for the city of Ulm was the only German solution to win one of the coveted Sitecore Experience Awards (SEA). The SEA are awarded annually in four changing categories and honor exceptional, particularly customer-centric, digital platforms based on Sitecore.

We won an award in the category “Most sophisticated implementation”. But isn’t every major website “sophisticated”? Yes, but let’s give you a brief overview of the project:

A barrier-free(BITV-compliant)) Portal for 130,000 citizens with several interfaces (including to the service portal of the state of Baden-Württemberg, services such as polling stations and construction sites, and also to various social media channels), merging and integrating about 112 domains as well as subdomains and 10 external data sources, and taking into account the needs of about 100 editors who are responsible for the content of the website and 20 microsites. Take a breath. Bringing together many different information channels and resources on a central city portal for citizens, shortening load times and greater resilience by scaling systems quickly in Azure. Phew, done. And that’s just the short version.

And what can be used to achieve all this? That’s right, Sitecore.

Okay, we can explain it to you in a little more detail: The software suite for the project consists of the Sitecore Experience Platform, the Sitecore Experience Manager, the Sitecore Experience Database and the Sitecore Email Experience Manager.

But with the right building blocks alone, such a huge project doesn’t put itself together. It takes the right people to do it. To bring them together, one of our teams was on the ground in Ulm for two weeks, working up close and hand-in-hand with city officials. In this way, we were able to ensure an optimal project start and deliver the best possible product for the citizens of Ulm in the end.

Sitecore and CAMAO: It just works

We are incredibly proud that our work is now being recognized with this special award. Having already become a Sitecore Gold Partner earlier this year, this is the cherry on top. As Martin Bendel, finance mayor of the city of Ulm, put it so well in the SWP:

It was worth the wait. Because it turned out really well.

However, nothing is further from our minds than resting on our laurels. Of course, we’re already working on new projects again and helping our customers become even more customer-centric and even more powerful with Sitecore. So, did our work for the city of Ulm convince you and are you looking for a partner to make your website project just as successful? Then just write to us!

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