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TikTok is still causing headaches for many companies – precisely because you have to present yourself much more closely on the platform in order to be successful than on Instagram, for example. Our TikTok expert Aylin specializes in this. We talked to her.

You’ve already been very successful with some customer videos in TikTok. What is that feeling?

It is breathtaking. Planning, conception, filming and editing are all behind the scenes for me. To see that not only I think the TikTok videos are mega cool, but also the users on TikTok is indescribable. When the first TikTok video went viral, I sat in front of my phone and watched about every minute to see how many views had been added and could hardly believe it.

Some say TikTok has already lost its magic. What do you say? Is it already too late for companies to start using TikTok?

It will probably never be too late for that. Even though TikTok has been successful for several years, many companies are unsure. And this despite the fact that the potential of TikTok is enormous, especially for companies. You can go viral quickly, have a high ROI and access to Generation Z (Gen Z).

The facts speak for themselves: TikTok is the leading platform for mobile short videos and offers its users versatile content: You can see videos on a wide variety of topics or simply create and experience joyful and funny moments. Best of all, the innovative technology behind TikTok allows anyone to build a large reach – regardless of follower count, name, or quality of equipment. TikTok is not a social graph, but a content graph.

Why do you think more companies should start using TikTok?

I think that many companies have not yet recognized the opportunity of the platforms and the enormous growth. TikTok is a fast-moving platform and accordingly requires quick response. Those who have recognized the potential from the outset can already expect great success with successful content playout today. TikTok makes it possible to tap into a new target group that is more difficult to reach than, for example, on Instagram & Co. Companies thus have the opportunity, above all, to reach new target groups with little effort.

What should I consider if I want to start as a company with TikTok?

Stay authentic! For many companies, this means rethinking production: authenticity is more important than production quality. Although starting a TikTok presence can seem intimidating at first, it just takes time and practice. To understand trends and create authentic content, for example, you can get support from your own team – or feel free to reach out to us.

TikTok viewers don’t want to see a sales video. They want to be entertained. The brand’s ability to rely on “unhinged content,” leverage viral trends, interact with other TikTokers in the comments section, and poke fun at itself is meant to entertain.

Your secret tips for a successful TikTok account?

1. action from second 1: the first seconds decide whether a video on the For You Page (FYP) is viewed or not. The so-called “hook” is crucial.

2. safe space: When creating TikToks, pay attention to the safe space so that products and texts are not overlapped by the description or the call-to-action button.

3. community management is the key: Community and comments help to achieve rapid growth. At best, the caption already motivates users to comment on the video.

4. posting frequency is essential for a successful TikTok channel. Brands that are serious about TikTok post new content at least three times a week. Some even post daily. But don’t worry: compared to Instagram or YouTube, TikTok content is much “simpler”. Important: The optimal upload time does not exist. It’s quite possible that a video won’t go viral until two days or even weeks later.

5. courage is rewarded. One tip I give my clients: If you think it’s too much, it’s perfect. This also applies to brands. Political correctness is fine, but kid gloves don’t go viral either. Advertising messages must be subtle and authentic. Timeliness and relevance are of greater importance than on Instagram.

6. enable quick reactions. Get everyone in the company (legal department, management, stakeholders) on board. Hot topics and social hypes are quickly over. The important thing is whether or not you want to have a say.

Is it important for TikTok to set up a strategy or should you just go for it?

A strategy should primarily serve as a framework and not as a fixed guide, because from my own experience I can say: TikTok is clearly learning by doing. You can quickly see what content works on TikTok and what doesn’t. That’s why a strategy isn’t properly formed until videos have already been played out on TikTok. In general, however, the following questions should already be settled at the beginning:

/ Why are we doing this? What is the outcome and what are the milestones to be achieved along the way?

/ Who? Creator or in-house production, creator or brand channel? Who represents the brand? Who are we and who do we want to be on TikTok? Who is our target group?

/ How does content marketing actually work on TikTok for Gen Z? The key to landing at the right when with the right what and with the right who.

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