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mmmake is Sitecore Gold Partner! This news is not only like a knighthood for our consulting and sales team, but also the first of our customers were able to benefit from the excellent knowledge, know-how transfer and project solution concept. Yes, we’re proud as punch and no, we’re not going to take off despite pride and success. We want to use this even closer cooperation with Sitecore to further deepen said knowledge and know-how transfer for the benefit of our customers.

But one after the other.

From what feels like the first day of the functioning Internet, we have been closely associated with Microsoft. A significant part of our DNA is the development and realization of web-based, individual solutions and platforms, websites, portals or mobile apps based on Microsoft technologies and HTML5 frameworks like ANGULAR and React.

Already in 1998 we developed our own CMS. The system satisfied our customers and we brought it to the market with high functionality. However, the requirements of the same were constantly increasing and we had to invest a lot of time in system customization. That’s why we decided to enter into a system partnership over ten years ago. In this, the system is to be permanently further developed via our project business. We’ve done that with Microsoft and Sitecore.

Therefore Sitecore

We have been working with Sitecore since 2009. We quickly realized that this system would be the system of the future for our customer projects. Therefore, we retrained our developers and started the first projects. Success is achieved within a very short time:

And why? Sitecore is constantly evolving. A simple CMS has now become a digital platform for transforming processes in the corporate value chain. Marketing automation, omnichannel, e-commerce, personalization, ContentHub and artificial intelligence – to name just a few keywords that would all deserve their own blog post – are elementary components of this system and are lived and implemented by us in our projects.

This constant technological development is a key element for us from a strategic point of view! The mmmake mission is: “For a better interaction of people, brands and machines”. We can do this with Sitecore, we have proven this umpteen times in the last decade and we want to approach the next decade on this basis.

2019 – Goals achieved

2019 was a strategically important year for us. With growth targets for 2019 clearly visible in Q4 2018, we also had to strategically rethink our partnership with Sitecore. Partnership needs care! That’s why we redefined this to Microsoft and set ourselves clear goals:

  1. We need to meet the guys from Sitecore – for real!
  2. We need to build an independent sales team
  3. And we need to become “Sitecore Gold Partner

Contacts were quickly established, our goals aligned with Sitecore, and the partnership with Sitecore Germany reanimated. Since then, regular jour fixes with our partner manager have become indispensable.

In parallel, we certified more developers and built up several HELIX architects. Our consulting and sales team plunged into work with new knowledge. The benefit of this was immediately felt by our customers: On site, they received first-hand information on Sitecore features and associated individual recommendations for action. In addition, we were able to acquire great new customers.

2020 – Targets in view

The goal for 2019 has been reached, “there’s the thing.”

As we said at the beginning: We are super proud, but still remain grounded. Because now it’s time to realize the 2020 goals with our customers as Sitcore Gold Partners.

And we have many of them:

But more about that soon here on the blog.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

I would like to thank everyone involved! Sitecore Germany for the constructive partnership and the great mmmake team for their professional implementation and project support. Let’s keep it up together.

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