Welcome to the Jungle!

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Every Friday, the mmmake Jungle Academy takes place – our internal training event for and by software developers.

What is it about?

Quite simply, each week one person from our various teams presents a topic from the jungle that is software development. Such as: microservices, SOLID principles or microfrontend. Each speaker is completely responsible for his or her own topic.

TED Talk Feeling at mmmake?

Absolutely, because this way everyone can always learn something new, discover new technologies, pass on their knowledge and last but not least: It can be discussed openly with everyone. The cherry on top of this virtual icing on the cake is our own software developer wiki in the form of a video library that keeps getting bigger and bigger. This has advantages not only for existing Makies, but also for new software developers. You have to let that roll off your tongue: A software developer wiki with the concentrated knowledge of all Makies – absolute madness!

In the meantime, the Jungle Academy has been around since April 2020 and was originally planned as a face-to-face event – but because of Corona and the fact that we are no longer required to be present anyway, it has developed into a completely virtual event. And it works: “When it breaks down, the colleagues are already sad,” says Tilo, software developer and one of the initiators of the Jungle Academy.

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