With mmmake and SAP® against the demographic kebab

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In and of itself, it is a thoroughly palatable comparison that statisticians have found for the age structure of the German population. After all, the accompanying diagram shows similarities to a kebab skewer, which has earned it the nickname “demographic kebab.” However, this fast-food metaphor does not bode well when looking at companies in Germany. Read the article to find out which drastic changes can result from this and how companies can counteract them together with solutions from mmmake and SAP®.

When progress leads to stagnation

At present, both birth and death rates are largely at a standstill. Thanks to medical and technical progress, people in Germany are living longer and longer. At the same time, this development is offset by low birth rates. While these are not currently falling, they are also not continuing to rise; there simply aren’t as many children being born as there were in the 1950s and 1960s.

This is a problem for the labor market, because the baby-boom generations are now about to retire , leaving a huge gap in the labor market . So large that it cannot be closed by subsequent generations. This in turn means that the applicant market is changing 180 degrees: Where companies used to be spoilt for choice as to which applicant to choose for their company, applicants now choose the company they want to work for. So what to do? Now more than ever, companies face the major challenge of standing out among all the other competitors and being attractive, both to their existing employees and to potential job applicants. But how do you do that in a market where companies no longer choose applicants, but applicants choose companies?

Changes are necessary – but which are the right ones?

“Companies need to prepare for a change in the way they do HR,” says Joshua Grasedieck, SAP® partner manager at mmmake. “That means adapting or restructuring existing processes, new roles and responsibilities, and a new strategy for HR departments.” For many companies, the solution for such an HR transformation is SAP®. But the software giant’s world is extremely vast, making it all the more difficult for companies to understand what they need from it. mmmake provides a remedy here by accompanying you throughout the entire process of your HR transformation , advising you and supporting you during implementation. “We trust in SAP® as a software manufacturer and their solutions as a vehicle for the processes to provide customers with secure and innovative advice in all matters relating to the HR world in the future, which is why we are also a 100% SAP® Gold Partner. As such, we are naturally very familiar with HR solutions and can therefore always offer our customers the best experience in the field of HR transformation,” Grasedieck continues.

“The generation starting with the Millennials are digital natives. Digitization in the area of HR is indispensable in order to adapt here in the very first step. This already starts with the recruiting process. After all, there are only advantages for the company in having a complete system at its fingertips that unites everything from the recruiting process to the hiring of the employee to the departure of the employee. And that’s what we have with SAP®,” explains Grasedieck.

Joshua Grasedieck, SAP® Partner Manager at mmmake

Of course, there is more to it than that: The corporate and work culture must adapt to the younger generations, attractive benefits must be created, and leadership must take place at eye level. “The great thing, after all, is that we also support and advise our customers in these areas. In combination with SAP®, customers get a strong partner who advises them on the new HR strategy, supports them in the implementation of the new system, and also tackles change management. We also supply the licenses for the software. So with us you get the all-round package – what we at mmmake also stand for,” Grasedieck continues.

Let’s walk the path to HR transformation together!

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