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hxm & SAP: an exceptional employee experience for your employees

We are one of the top SAP HXM consulting firms in Germany. With mmmake you get strategy, software and support from a single source. We support you holistically in your HR processes, because successful companies are made up of successful people.


Together with our customers, we have already planned and implemented many exciting HXM and SAP projects. You can find all the info here.

know-how meets experience

Our SAP HXM consulting house brings all experts together. In total, our employees combine over 500 years of consulting and implementation experience. All in all, we gather our extensive know-how from about 15 SAP consulting firms and speak nine different languages. No matter which services you need to manage your business processes, we offer you customized SAP consulting and development for SAP’s HXM solutions: SAP SuccessFactors, SAP H4S4 and SAP ERP HCM.

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this is how we start your project with you

The first thing we do is start doing user-based studies and deployment studies. We ask ourselves the following questions before starting the SAP project:

  • Does SAP HXM fit your processes?
  • Does SuccessFactors cover your requirements?
  • What’s in store for you with the end of SAP HCM?
  • How do you successfully switch to SAP H4S4 or SAP SuccessFactors?
  • What does your current reporting look like and what are your reporting requirements and capabilities?
  • What KPIs do you need access to?
  • Are you already “cloud ready” today?
  • What is all possible?

After this process, we estimate what is feasible and calculate the time frame and costs for your SAP project. We also identify the possible functional coverage level as well as prototyping approach. In this way, we provide significant support for your business case.

ready for innovation ready for innovation
ready for innovation ready for innovation
ready for innovation ready for innovation
ready for innovation ready for innovation
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Senior Vice President SAP HCM Services Get in touch

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