BeatBox –Master & clusterdata reporter

The right overview with the BeatBox – Master & Cluster Data Reporter. Everytime.

In HR reporting, the challenge is often to effectively present all HCM data from the various data sources in one overview. With BeatBox – Master & Cluster Data Reporter, we offer a concentrated point of contact for the evaluation of time and payroll data – also for manager self-service.


Various data sources

If the HCM data comes from several sources, which is often the case, it can be difficult to create the necessary overview. Cumbersome searches and evaluations of data at different points in the system are time-consuming and lead to errors. Such data is used by managers and auditors to make important decisions. If they are inconsistent or incomplete, this often results in unnecessary effort and slower processes.


A holistic overview

With the BeatBox – Master & Cluster Data Reporter, you have the opportunity to benefit from a holistic cluster data evaluation for payroll and time management, for example, thanks to the detailed infotype evaluation. Thanks to a highly dynamic ALV output and individual and flexible settings, you can generate a data overview that provides all relevant HCM data in one format. This gives managers a complete and solid information base to make the right decisions. With the integration in Fiori Launchpad, managers can also call up the relevant data themselves at any time.

advantages advantages

Workload reductionData availabilityClarity

Optimum transparency &Control system

With highly dynamic evaluation and display options for all personal master and cluster data in the SAP HCM system, you always have an overview.

Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
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