Der SubPlanner: das Add-on für SAP HCM

Short-time working – especially during the pandemic, we have realized how important it is to provide managers with a tool that allows them to react flexibly and quickly to unforeseen circumstances and at the same time relieve the burden on the HR department. Our customers have drawn our attention to the fact that there is room for improvement in the existing SAP solutions. So we got to work and developed the SubPlanner for SAP Fiori.


Complex, error-prone and cumbersome processes

In addition to short-time working, companies were also confronted with sudden illness or a lack of material deliveries, which made cooperation between managers and HR more difficult. Previously, managers only had limited access to short-time working and shift substitution data. The result: inefficient processes and communication bottlenecks with HR.


The SubPlanner – agile and fast

Our SubPlanner relieves the HR department and gives managers more responsibility by allowing them to control and maintain short-time working and shift substitution data directly. This allows you to react flexibly and quickly to unforeseen work requirements. The SubPlanner is integrated directly into the existing SAP environment and is also provided in the SAP Fiori Launchpad so that your managers can easily access it.

Depending on your requirements and preferences, we can make adjustments and configurations such as

  • Customizing settings.
  • User interfaces.
  • Integration of additional functions.


advantages advantages

more cost-effective processesability to react despite unforeseen eventsflexible short-time work planning

seamless integration

We attach great importance to seamless integration and want to ensure that you as an end user benefit optimally from SubPlanner. That is why we carry out a test phase to ensure that SubPlanner works perfectly in your real production environment.

Ready for SubPlanner? Ready for SubPlanner?
Ready for SubPlanner? Ready for SubPlanner?
Ready for SubPlanner? Ready for SubPlanner?
Ready for SubPlanner? Ready for SubPlanner?
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Director SAP HCM Development Get in touch

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