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Can all your employees distinguish genuine emails from phishing emails? When companies fall victim to phishing emails, it costs a lot of time, money and nerves. In doing so, these complications can be avoided. How? By training your employees.


Phishing e-mails: a constant problem

Phishing emails can be used to steal important data, enable unauthorized access or install malicious software such as malware and ransomware, among other things. The best protection against phishing e-mails is training employees to successfully recognize and avoid phishing attempts. But how can this be integrated into everyday work?




The best protection starts with timely detection

We use attack simulations to prepare your employees for future phishing emails. We train your employees by sending them prepared phishing e-mails. The included links lead to anti-phishing trainings – this is how we achieve the greatest learning effect. Regular reports keep you up-to-date.
Our Managed E-Mail Security service provides additional protection against spam, threats and malware. We will also provide you with further tips and advice on the subject of cyber security in the company.

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Questions & answers about Managed User Awareness

What is security awareness training?

The aim of security awareness training is to ensure the (cyber) security of a company or organization by training employees in this area. They are made aware of possible threats. In addition to anti-phishing measures, this also includes topics such as password security and the secure use of social networks.

What are awareness measures?

Awareness measures serve to raise awareness of IT and cyber security. Only then can measures be taken to change people’s behavior in the direction of safe digital use.

Ready for awareness? Ready for awareness?
Ready for awareness? Ready for awareness?
Ready for awareness? Ready for awareness?
Ready for awareness? Ready for awareness?
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