Partner-ship with42 Heilbronn

Two hearts beat for digitality: our partnership with 42 Heilbronn

We at mmmake and the Programming School 42 Heilbronn not only pursue the same digital vision, we also implement it together. Our 20+ years of expertise and innovative spirit bring us and students together. Through this close partnership with the 42 Programming School, we want to shape the digital landscape of tomorrow in Heilbronn.

About 42 Heilbronn

42 Heilbronn is a free programming school that uses an alternative learning model to train students as professional programmers. We offer a variety of internships so that they can dive into the depths of software development and also gain practical experience during their studies. A series of live events such as forward-looking workshops and inspiring trade shows also create a shared space for education and innovation.

Advantages of the 42-partnership

We are creating a talent pipeline in software development. In this way, students can benefit from our many years of experience and the innovative learning concept of the 42.

Advantages for students

  • Gain experience directly in a technical working environment and on innovative projects.
  • Some interns from 42 have already been taken on by mmmake.
  • Students at 42 can use the branded E-Mercedes Vito for trips.

Advantages for our employees

  • The daily enrichment of supporting the next generation of software experts.
  • Expansion of the professional network through contacts and events.
  • Opportunity to actively help shape educational content and methods.

Advantages for 42

  • Offer students direct access to the professional environment.
  • Give students the opportunity to work on real projects with mentors.
  • Acquisition of soft skills at partner companies before entering a future position.
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Emre Bodur
Unit Lead Innovationen Get in touch

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