Partner-ship withSitecore

We are proud Sitecore-partner

A close, friendly partnership at eye level is valuable – for both sides. We have such a collaboration with Sitecore. For several years now, we have been jointly honing our expertise in software such as DXP, CDP and Personalize.

This gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with Sitecore’s developers and project managers and stay up to date. With certified Sitecore knowledge, we can act as a point of contact for product questions and discuss customized solutions with our customers more quickly.

We have the Sitecore badges for XP, CDP and Personalize. We therefore have certified administrators and developers in our team who have already implemented all projects with these solutions.

mmmake-partnership: Sitecore

Advantages of the Sitecore-partnership

Sitecore is a strong partner at our side. This benefits our customers, our employees and Sitecore.

Advantages for customers

  • Tailor-made projects and solutions can be designed and implemented more quickly.
  • Sitecore certifications guarantee professional qualification and trusting cooperation.
  • We act as a central point of contact for all matters – including between the customer and Sitecore.

Advantages for our employees

  • Always up-to-date products thanks to certifications.
  • Helping to shape the products through our feedback.
  • Unique opportunity for direct exchange in the community (e.g. MVP program, community events, etc.).

Advantages for Sitecore

  • Feedback on real projects.
  • The certainty that their products will be used with the appropriate expertise.
  • Joint appearances at trade fairs and other events.
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Jens Stolz
Division Lead Software Consulting & Engineering Get in touch

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