Capricious weather & noise: how we master difficult outdoor shoots

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The fact that it might be winter in a summery web video or social media clip is not something users think about – our filming team does, because they are often confronted with situations similar to this in their work. Sarah Fischer, Teamlead Moving Image, and Janika Nyncke, Producer, explain in their guest article how field shoots work in reality and how our film crew deals with such difficult conditions.

Shooting is coordinated months in advance: the shooting schedule is carefully planned, the crew orders and loads the appropriate equipment, the actors and actresses are booked and arrive, but then this: bad weather. Rain, clouds and strong wind. A situation that no one wants – but of course we know it.

It is not uncommon for large summer campaigns to be produced as early as winter, or for winter campaigns to be produced as early as summer. Difficult weather conditions included. Here it is important to be well prepared. But with the right tricks, selected props, good lighting and clever color correction in post-production, the audience always ends up in the desired mood.

The art of summer enjoyment despite adverse conditions – an extraordinary recipe shoot

Since the beginning of 2022, we have now already taken over the comprehensive management of the social media channels for Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG.
We inspire the community every day with tasty content.

In April, our crew of four went back to our mmmake roof terrace for filming. And that at just 14 degrees outside temperature. The menu included summer barbecue recipes such as steak with chimichurri, tuna carpaccio and many other delicacies. With the grill going and warm thoughts, we got to work. But April held another special challenge in store: fierce wind. But after the shooting was already postponed twice due to rainy weather, definitely the lesser evil.

Since the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds, we unceremoniously enhanced it with additional lights to create the look and feel of a sunny barbecue day. The set moved from one corner to another, depending on where the wind was most merciful. Equipment, props/equipment and food – all behind. And when they had to, our crew resorted to unconventional solutions to keep the food in place.

Our “Quick and Salty” shoot for Bad Reichenhaller

You can see the summery results of the “Quick & Salty” shoot for yourself on Bad Reichenhaller’s social media channels.

But what to do when filming really threatens to fall completely through the cracks? How do we make summer look like winter and vice versa?

Preparation (flexibility) is everything!

Weather on outdoor shoots is a crapshoot. Especially tricky: sudden rain.
Once it has started to rain, it is usually already too late to take safety precautions to properly protect the equipment.

So if you already know that the weather is not good and that there is a high chance of rain on the planned shooting date, it is advisable to bring along necessary accessories such as cases, tarpaulins, pop-up tents, umbrellas, etc. for the shooting in advance. Or to apply waterproof mascara to the performers. Apart from that, summer campaigns in winter often lead to a tremor among the protagonists. It’s not easy to convey the right atmosphere in such a situation. Once your jacket, trousers and shoes are soaked, your mood is in the basement.

Weather is not everything. There are so many factors at play:

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As you can see, the film is tricked here and there in order to maintain the illusion for the viewers. These challenges require expertise, technical know-how, creative problem-solving skills, and good collaboration within the team to deliver the highest quality shots as planned.

Mobility, pragmatism andflexibility are absolute prerequisites for this.

The weather may be unpredictable, but with our experienced film team and a dose of improvisational talent, we can master even the most challenging filming conditions. Contact us and let us convince you of our practical and flexible approach. We are well prepared 😉

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