HR Transformation: Experience Report on the Journey to Change

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“The work of the future has already begun”: This sentence could be heard several times recently when visitors and experts from the HR world came together at mmmake’s HXM Community Event to find out how companies can adapt to the changing world of work. Since this hardly happens overnight, the participants were invited on a special journey. The stated goal: start the HR transformation and no longer miss any HR trends. Equipped with backpacks and notepads, there was a mix of technical presentations, breakout sessions, as well as many opportunities to share ideas throughout the day. That’s because the goal of the day was to build a community that will stand by each other in the future as they face the challenges surrounding HR transformation.

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Among others, Lucas Senzel from mmmake and Stephan Koenen, who is responsible for transformation at SAP Germany and knows exactly what companies are facing, were on stage together: ” Generation Z doesn’t want to do the same job for 30 years,” said Koenen. “She wants change, challenges and transparency about the opportunities in companies. If she doesn’t have that, she’ll leave the company.” To prevent this from happening in the first place, important topics such as people sustainability, recruiting and hybrid scenarios were discussed in various breakout sessions together with the HXM experts from mmmake. Here, too, the focus was on the community, which not only jointly developed approaches and content, but also prepared these for the other participants.

So far, so good – but what do deskless workers actually want and need?

If you look at current surveys from the service industry, you quickly realize: Something has to change here, too. According to the 2022 Deskless Workforce Report, half of all deskless workers (people who do not sit at a desk while working) are considering changing employers. The reasons for this are complex: In summary, most people lack the necessary flexibility and time for their own private lives. A lot of topics that also played an important role at the HXM Community Event. During a digital scavenger hunt, Elisabeth Schaible from SAP showed how Workzone can be used to view personnel-related information for the Deskless Workforce, for example.

New paths on the journey to HXM transformation

In order to better master the challenges in the world of work in the future, many companies increasingly want holistic support from experts. When it comes to creating employee competence profiles, for example, the start-up Cobrainer is a good choice. Its CEO Hanns-Bertin Aderhold presented what his company is all about at the HXM Community Event. So are the two startups Gradar, which offers easy creation of salary bands, or Workflex, which promises easy working from abroad.

The importance of change, especially for companies, became very clear in the last presentation by Sabrina Dick (SAP Human Resources Manager for Eastern Europe). On the subject of the “Future of Work,” she made it clear: “If I as a company manage to show my employees what value they generate – for the company and society – I manage to retain them.”

In order to fully live the theme of transformation even after the official part, the drinks at the end of the event were also a transformation process of their own: A wide variety of ingredients were transformed into delicious cocktails in a workshop.

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