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Meta Verified: What the blue tick on Instagram and Facebook means for your business

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Celebrities have it just as much as influencers and well-known brands: the blue checkmark on Instagram and Facebook. For a long time it was free and a sign that there was no fake account behind the profile, but a trustworthy account with relevance. So, anyone who had created an official account, had a certain amount of reach, and went through a verification process could decorate their profile with the trusted icon.

Now, in addition to the free blue tick, there is also to be a monthly payment model with which each:r can buy a blue tick and thus also more coverage. The reasons are the lengthy verification process that costs resources, lost revenue and rising advertising costs that Meta has to deal with.

The Meta Verified subscription costs up to 16.99 euros per month and is available regardless of name recognition and number of followers. According to company founder Mark Zuckerberg, the aim of the subscription is to minimize fake profiles and increase authenticity and security within the platforms.

In February 2023, the model was first tested in Australia and New Zealand, and is now being followed by other countries – including Germany. Content creator Verena Gassmann explains in her article for whom the subscription model is worthwhile, what the advantages and disadvantages are and how to get the blue hook.

What are the criteria for the blue tick on Instagram and Facebook?

Even though some have already made it into the test phase or were able to sign up for the waiting list for the new subscription, companies will have to be patient for the time being. Because: Meta Verified currently only applies to individuals, as verification only works with the real name and a private portrait photo as a profile picture. Since almost all brands include their brand as a profile name in order to be found at all, and use their logo as a profile picture, verification becomes difficult.

these are the criteria for Meta Verified:

But companies can breathe a sigh of relief. In a “Meta for Creators” announcement about Meta Verified, it says, “In the long term, we want to build a subscription offering that is valuable to everyone, including Creators, businesses, and our community at large.”

Meta Verified vs. verification marks: these are the pros and cons

The monthly cancelable premium subscription has the following advantages compared to the free variant:

In addition to the Meta-Verified badge, the original Verification badge will remain in place for the time being and can still be applied for by individuals and companies with high reach and relevance. Means: Individuals and companies who want to receive the blue tick can apply for it without a subscription. Those who are already verified and have the familiar blue checkmark will still be allowed to keep the icon, according to Zuckerberg. However, it is unclear whether this will remain the case in the long term. Users on Instagram are already complaining about the small blue tick that does not allow for an apparent differentiation between premium subscription and free verification. Most are therefore calling for at least an adjustment to the color scheme under a reel from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

Another point of view highlighted by some Meta Verified users: The additional services that come with the pay model would not have a noticeable positive effect. For example, one user writes under the Instagram post of socia media expert Ann-Katrin Schmitz: “Bought with the private account on a trial basis and canceled it right away. More visibility could not be felt. The support did not respond to my request from 6 days ago until today.” Another user reports: “I tried it out because I’m afraid that all those without a hook will gradually no longer be played out. However, I can’t see any increase in visibility so far. Will watch it for a few more weeks…”

But there are also some voices that perceive more visibility. One user says: “I haven’t been testing it out long enough to give a valid answer. But I feel that I get a higher range.”

Conclusion: Is the subscription model worth it?

Meta Verified is currently still in the test phase in this country. Experience must first show whether or not the pay model will prove successful. However, there is a slight tendency that the reach and thus the visibility on the platforms hardly or only slightly increases. However, a big advantage for many big creators is the fact that they are better protected from fake profiles. Precisely because Instagram is their main work tool, it is likely that they will invest in the platform and use Meta Verified for the long term.

Companies must wait for the time being or continue to hope for free verification. But that is also expected to change soon. At the latest when everyone can use Meta Verified, the free variant will gradually disappear. Whether the subscription is then worthwhile for companies? We asked our social media expert Alina Sabatelli. Her assessment: “Here, every company has to ask itself the question of added value. Is the outcome worth investing 16.99 euros a month or not? Even if it’s a manageable sum, it’s still an additional cost. And a guarantor for more visibility or even more Follower:in does not seem to be Meta Verified after first experiences.”

So the only thing left to do is to try it out and make your own experiences as soon as the function is available for companies.

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