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mmmake x OMR – new learnings or old hat?

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70,000 visitors, on stage speakers like Quentin Tarantino, Will I.AM. or Karo Kauer and live acts like Marteria, Kraftclub and Sido – and mmmake right in the middle. These were our OMR Days in a Nutshell. But let’s dive into it.

OMR is Germany’s largest digital marketing trade fair

For a few of our colleagues from the Agency Division and the Brand & Communication Unit, it was from the 17. – May 18 to Hamburg at THE trade fair for digital marketing, the OMR. There we wanted to get input and inspiration, see exciting speakers and celebrities – and in general, just try out again what it’s like to be among people and travel with the team – even if we were also a bit skeptical about the whole thing.

Future Moves with Will I.AM. and Kai Pflaume

And guys, it really was so incredibly busy! Already at the entrance alone, the masses pushed their way through the exhibition hall. There was also a huge turnout for the master classes – a short digression on this: You could apply in advance for masterclasses, two were assured by the OMR. Still, there was also the option of just lining up at the masterclass of your choice and hoping someone didn’t show up so you could snag your spot. So many people came up with this idea that chaos really reigned at times outside the doors of the master classes. Others were more civilized: two lines, one for the registered and one for the hopeful. In our team, we simply coordinated and swapped the masterclasses among ourselves so that each of us could take something with us.

Masterclass with Max Höwedes (Social Match), Neil Heinisch (PlayTheHype),
Valentina Vapaux (Content Creator & Author) and TikToker Jacob Rott from the Elevator Boys

In addition to the master classes, there were also many interesting speakers to see, such as Miss LinkedIn Céline Flores-Willes, Alisa Jahnke from Purelei or YouTuber Rezo – but of course also Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher and the greatest storyteller alive, Quentin Tarantino (!!). By the way, we also had the opportunity to interview Sophia Thiel! The interview will soon be available here on our blog.?

Nevertheless: Due to the many, many people, it was partly impossible to listen to one presentation until the end and to get to the next one on time at the other end of the fairground. So you just stayed where you were and resigned yourself to it – and if you were lucky, you were exactly at the right stage at the right time, because: During the lunch breaks, acts like Marteria and Sido surprised the visitors – just been to a concert at a fair – insane!

Rapper Marteria surprised the visitors during the lunch break

All in all, we were able to take away a lot of learning from the OMR. However, we often had the feeling that we were only scratching the surface – we would have liked to see a real deep dive. Nevertheless: The OMR was a mega experience for us and we are already looking forward to the next time!

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