This is how the COPETRI CONVENTION 2023 was for mmmake

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For the second time, COPETRI CONVENTION, the fair for people, transformation and innovation, took place. What it was like for mmmake is reported by our guest author and content creator Verena Gaßmann.

How do companies manage to position themselves for the future? What skills, solutions and methods are required for this? And what is the best way to use them? These were the questions addressed by over 4,000 participants at the COPETRI CONVENTION in Offenbach am Main. The fair combines the topics of people, transformation and innovation like no other event and creates a place to exchange ideas, learn from each other and adopt new perspectives. mmmake was allowed on 23. and May 24, 2023, not only as a sustainability sponsor, but also with its own stand, including a bar, as well as a lecture and workshop. In addition, we accompanied the two event days with film and photography.

mmmake and McDonald’s Germany LLC provide insights into their recruiting project

The COPETRI program was varied and once again offered numerous presentations and workshops on topics such as employer branding, recruiting and innovation strategy. As an exhibitor, we were right in the thick of things and were once again able to demonstrate our expertise in the field of Human Experience Management (HXM).

Lucas Senzel, Director HXM Transformation, kicked things off. Together with Lisa Augusciak, Manager Talent Acquisition at McDonald’s Deutschland LLC, he gave a presentation on “ReCREWting, because recruiting only works together“. Examples were the experiences of their recruiting project. As Germany’s largest market leader and employer in the system catering industry, recruiting and retaining employees are among the key challenges facing McDonald’s Deutschland LLC. Accordingly, a training course was designed with mmmake to pass on the existing HR know-how from the headquarters to the franchise-managed restaurants. Because not every branch has its own recruiters. In the end, the goal was to increase the quantity and quality of applications.

Lisa Augusciak, Manager Talent Acquisition at McDonald’s Germany LLC and Lucas Senzel, Director HXM Transformation

“The project has shown that our own employees are extremely valuable in the recruiting process. I was therefore very happy to share the concept with HR experts and to exchange ideas. The presentation with mmmake was a great occasion for this,” says Lisa. Lucas is also enthusiastic after the event: “Presentations like these serve to spark exciting discussions and get new impetus from the HR community.”

Afterwards, there was still a business speed dating conducted by HXM Transformation consultant Alina Hodkin. The participants spent 30 minutes talking to different people for 3 minutes each on the topic of “New hybrid Work”. “The exchange at the business speed dating on the topic of new (hybrid) work confirmed many valid assumptions, such as that most employers in Germany rely on the 60:40 rule or that corporate culture is a factor that cannot be ignored,” says Alina.

Is People Sustainability the Future?

The mmmake workshop addressed another important topic: shortage of skilled workers. The competition among companies to find good skilled workers – the so-called “race for talents” – is becoming increasingly fierce. A high level of employee satisfaction and loyalty is therefore essential. For Martin Kroner, Team Lead HXM Talent Management at mmmake, is People Sustainability is the key. It is about developing sustainable models and dealing responsibly with the people in the company.

“In our workshop, we took a closer look at this very topic. Only through a coordinated people sustainability strategy can we have a positive influence on the KPIs of employee satisfaction, brand reputation and ESG values (ESG = environmental, social and governance),” explains Martin, thus striking a chord.

Martin Kroner, Team Lead HXM Talent Management during his presentation on People Sustainability

“The topic is so topical and relevant that the workshop was fully booked. I was very pleased about that and it shows how important People Sustainability is and will be in the future.” But the workshop itself also hit the mark. “We have received only positive feedback from our customers,” says Martin.

Atmospherically captured: mmmake underlines moving image competence

Both event days thus offered plenty of insights and impressions, which mmmake also captured on film and photographically. For the event support the moving image team around Sarah Fischer has already been able to gather a lot of experience and references – the COPETRI CONVENTION is now another one in the repertoire. “The nice thing about events like this is that we can always take natural situations. Nothing is staged, everything is authentic,” says cameraman Kim Hetzer. But there is also a challenge: “It’s not always easy to make yourself as invisible as possible in order to capture authentic moments. But with the many events we’ve covered, we’ve come to adapt like a chameleon .”

When shooting, mmmake relies on creative perspectives and techniques that make the images unique and interesting. Once everything is shot, the footage can be used in a variety of ways, such as for social media or future events.

So, once again, the COPETRI CONVENTION has shown that it has a raison d’être in the HR world. The triad of People, Transformation and Innovation is not only unique, but also addresses current challenges. “We had great fun being part of the trade show and thus thought leaders in the industry. At the same time, we were able to highlight our three areas of agency, consulting and technology. So for us it was an all-round successful event,” says Michael Lang, Division Lead HXM.

Cameraman Kim Hetzer with Chiara Nottrott, Manager Customer Success

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