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digital marketing

The Würth Group is the world market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of assembly and fastening materials in the B2B sector.
The challenge: Communicate the benefits of the Würth App via a paid strategy that puts the app’s benefits in the foreground. The aim is to make the app visible to existing customers and potential new customers of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co.

“The Würth App plays an important role for us in expanding our customer contact points. The decision in favor of active marketing was therefore indispensable in order to make the app present to our existing customers and potential new customers.”
Stefanie Koch
Social Media Manager
Würth Group & Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

social media expansion

Als langjähriger Partner der Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG beraten und begleiten wir das Unternehmen bei der Umsetzung von Paid-Kampagnen mit dem Ziel, die business-relevanten Bereiche des Unternehmens über Social Media auszubauen. In dieser Kampagne sollten sowohl Bestandskund:innen als auch Neukund:innen die Vorteile der Würth App aufgezeigt werden, um sie zum Download zu bewegen und somit die Nutzer:innen-Zahlen der App zu steigern.


paid campaign with pointed targeting

We put the benefits of the app front and center in our paid campaign. We managed these through pointed targeting along the marketing funnel to the relevant audience: Existing customers of the online store and potential new customers.
We use pixel-based targeting for the conversion of online customers. To reach the new customer segment, we used industry-based interest targeting.

advantages advantages

increase in app usagenEw cEnt:ingkund:innen binding


  • Increase app usage
    More sales and improved market position with the help of the additional sales channel.
  • New customer generation
    Würth as a strong, innovative partner in the B2B sector for assembly and fastening materials.
  • Customer:inside binding
    Create additional points of contact in the existing customer segment.
performance areas

  • Creation
    Creative design of assets, both static and moving, and an editorial for copies and call-to-actions.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Development of a tailored online marketing strategy to increase profitability using the Internet as a medium.

To manage marketing and advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram, we use the “Meta for Business Ad Manager”. In addition to interest-based targeting options, we can use data-driven solutions such as Meta Pixel here. Other technologies include the SKD interface connection and Google Analytics.


We rely on our Meta Business partnership to manage marketing and advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram. The Meta Business Suite is the central point of contact for all relevant tools to get in touch with customers and achieve better business results.

ready for innovation
Johannes Koziol
Head of Sales Co-Lead Agency contact

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