BeatBox –Framework

BeatBox – Framework: specially developed for SAP HXM developers

With our customized SAP ABAP Framework you can your SAP HXM development to a new level. Easy handling, in-house standard modules and 100% clean code make programming and maintenance more efficient and effective.


Increasing complexity

Programming your own SAP HXM solutions depends on individual requirements in a broad system landscape. This can be time-consuming and is often characterized by great complexity. If development cycles become longer as a result, efficiency can decrease. In addition, higher maintenance costs can arise if the code quickly becomes outdated or difficult to read.


More efficient coding with BeatBox – Framework

Our BeatBox – Framework offers SAP HXM-developers comprehensive access to infotypes so that sensitive data can be processed quickly. In addition, cluster access enables the reading of complete or specific cluster data,such as time management and payroll accounting. By means of easy-to-use CRUD methods the most common object types can be processed, making organizational management more efficient.

advantages advantages

lower development costsefficiency increase100 % clean code

Revolutionary efficiency

Our SAP ABAP Framework-solution offers a unique opportunity for more efficient programming of your own SAP HXM solutions.

Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
Ready for BeatBox? Ready for BeatBox?
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Director SAP HXM Development Get in touch

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