Corporate design – the heart of your brand

Corporate design is more than just the company logo! It is the visual identity of your brand and includes all design elements such as logo, color palette, fonts, imagery and other graphic elements. It forms the core of how the world perceives your company and is a central component of the brand strategy in highly competitive brand work.


Create a uniform and unmistakable corporate design

Whether you are a young start-up or an experienced corporation – the challenge when developing a new or existing brand is to create a corporate design that reflects your brand positively and unmistakably. It must clearly stand out from the competition and communicate the values and personality of your company.


With our creation to your strong brand

With creative, expressive corporate design ideas, we succeed in setting your brand apart from the competition and giving it an independent presence in terms of tonality and design. By establishing a uniform design language across all media and platforms, we create recognizability and translate the essence of your brand into a visual identity. The development of campaigns and communication concepts also gives us the opportunity to test designs against reality. This gives us an even deeper understanding of the specific requirements for the corporate design.

advantages advantages

strong brand image with recognition valueunique and differentiated positioning on the marketclear and effective communication with the target group

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Johannes Koziol
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