What social media has in store for us in 2024

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Social media trends are springing up like mushrooms, so brands and companies often don’t know whether and how they should integrate them. But what will happen in 2024? In short: a lot. Our social media expert Alina Sabatelli explains and shows us how companies can best deal with this constant change.

What’s next for AI?

As in so many other industries, artificial intelligence is also at the forefront in the world of social media. “AI will continue to shape content creation this year and change the way we work,” says Alina. Appealing texts and, increasingly, images can be created quickly and easily using AI tools such as ChaptGPT and Midjourney. This has great potential, but should still be treated with caution. Such tools produce exciting content, but do not follow a well thought-out social media strategy that pays into the company’s own corporate goals. Although AI-generated texts are well-structured and reader-friendly, they usually offer no insights or tangible added value.

“Companies should also be aware that content from AI tools is never unique, but usually very interchangeable. If you want to offer something striking and unique, you still have to tackle the content yourself,” says Alina. It is best for companies to view such tools as an aid and not as a substitute for human creativity and expertise in the creation of social media content.

Searchability: the search for added value, not the brand

User behavior on social media platforms is changing fundamentally. This refers not only to new functions on the platforms themselves, but also to the reasons why users generally use them.

Younger generations in particular are beginning to use social media as a central point of contact for information. Whether topics such as recipes, skincare, news or sport: What used to be searched for on Google is now being searched for on TikTok, Instagram and the like. For brands, this means that their content is not only consumed by their followers, but that other users are also actively searching for specific topics.

In order to take advantage of this, companies should place increasing emphasis on making their content findable on social media through appropriate SEO measures. “Test your search results regularly on all relevant platforms. Ideally, users will not only find your brand with a search for your brand itself, but with a general search for topics with added value – regardless of whether it’s a product or service,” emphasizes Alina. In addition, content should be created in such a way that users understand it even if they do not yet follow your brand.

New opportunities for proximity

One core function of social media remains unchanged and will even become more important in the flood of content and notifications: Community Binding. “Many successful social media channels not only give their users the opportunity to see branded content, but also the feeling of having a direct connection to the brand,” says Alina. New opportunities are being created to establish this connection on a permanent basis. Broadcasting on WhatsApp and Telegram channels, for example, offers the opportunity to communicate with users in a more private space. This also gives them the feeling of interacting more directly with a brand – and thus being part of the community.

Social media remains relevant – even crucial

Social media channels are in a constant and sometimes unpredictable state of flux. It will be no different in 2024. “If you stay on the ball and implement social media measures effectively, thoughtfully and with a view to current developments, you will reap many benefits such as stronger brand loyalty and higher sales,” says Alina. Social media content that does not specifically address target groups and is neither interesting nor entertaining may still create a good social media presence, but it will not stand out.

“Not every social media trend has to be implemented directly. Companies and brands must always weigh up whether it fits in with their strategic direction. It’s best to seek advice and support from social media experts in order to explore the potential of the trends and successfully implement the appropriate measures,” says Alina.

Our social media expert

Alina Sabatelli is our social media expert in the agency sector. She has many years of experience in 360° social media support and also supports our clients with workshops on social media strategy and paid social campaigns, among other things. She also ensures the professional development of colleagues in the area of social media and paid social.

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