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Trademark misuse is unfortunately no longer a rarity these days due to digitalization. This not only damages your reputation, but also your customers’ trust. Therefore, constant monitoring and control of your brand is an absolute must.


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Brand names or names of well-known companies are often used for phishing attacks via emails or plagiarism. The problem is that many companies and brand owners are not even aware that their brand name is being misused for this purpose. If, in addition, there is no overview of the growing domain stock, it can happen that branded domains have already been allocated.


our domain monitoring protects your company online from trademark misuse

With our domain monitoring you get an easy and quick overview of registered and available domains associated with your brands and brand names worldwide. Quite simply via our online portal. Together, we will develop a domain portfolio that is aligned with your business goals and develop a strategy to protect your domains.

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Our trademark monitoring covers virtually all top-level domains available worldwide and provides you with an online platform to protect your brand terms on the Internet.

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