Holistic DNS management for your company

Accessibility on the Internet is a decisive factor for corporate success. A robust and fail-safe Domain Name System (DNS) that controls all online services and links all domain names to the respective IP address is important for this.


Find fail-safe & scalable DNS services for your domains

In most cases, all requests are forwarded to one server (unicast technology). For remote clients, this can cause problems such as delays or timeouts. If your servers are down for any reason or your company is the victim of a DoS attack, your entire online services may be affected and stop working.


DX DNS – reliable DNS services for your domains

With our DX DNS, we ensure that your services are fail-safe, stable and maximally accessible. Through our AnyCast servers, the next server automatically steps in in the event of a server failure. This shortens response times and distributes the overall server load across the global network. Trust our DNS hosting for maximum management of your websites as well as minimal internet downtime.

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highest availability & reliabilitytransparent cost structurerest API automation

Speed, stability& reliabilitywith DX DNS

We rely on two of the AnyCast technology-based cloud systems at over 40 locations worldwide with intelligent DDOS protection.

Questions & answers about DNS management

What does DNS mean and what is DNS management?

The abbreviation DNS stands for Domain Name System. This is a system for converting domain names into IP addresses, which computers use to identify each other on the Internet. DNS management therefore refers to the administration of DNS settings. It enables the correct assignment of domain names to the corresponding servers and services.

What are the tasks of a DNS server?

A DNS server is used to assign a URL to an IP and vice versa. There are primary and secondary DNS servers to avoid impairments to functionality or server failures.

Ready for DX DNS? Ready for DX DNS?
Ready for DX DNS? Ready for DX DNS?
Ready for DX DNS? Ready for DX DNS?
Ready for DX DNS? Ready for DX DNS?
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