Headcount &FTE planningin the SAC

Headcount & FTE planning as an end-to-end process in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Everyday life in HR departments is characterized by many factors over which no one has any influence: Volatility, uncertainty and complexity are often the daily companions – both in your own company and on the job market itself. At the same time, the company fails to constantly adapt its own HR processes to the new circumstances and lags far behind the current HR world. Headcount and FTE planning in the SAP Analytics Cloud enables companies to manage and ensure that their personnel requirements are in line with their business objectives.


Transparent & efficient process planning

The success of headcount and FTE planning always lies in the automation of core processes. The higher this is, the less administrative work is required. But how do you achieve this important automation? The main obstacles here are technical challenges, the need for HR information and a lack of a planning process. In addition, while using technology to support headcount and FTE planning offers benefits, it also brings challenges, particularly when it comes to integrating different systems, communication and collaboration. With mmmake ‘s best practice solution, we can fully automate the end-to-end planning process for headcount and FTE planning in an integrated SAP system landscape.


Flexible database, planning & reporting under one roof

With headcount and FTE planning in the SAP Analytics Cloud, you can make the necessary data-based decisions to ensure short-term corporate goals with operational personnel planning. This makes it possible to continuously harmonize personnel requirements and corporate goals. In addition to the flexible provision of the necessary database for planning, we also support you with the integration of newly planned positions in the operational HR system to ensure an efficient, automated E2E process flow.

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Our experts offer the procedural and technical know-how to smoothly integrate HR process planning into the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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