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SAP BTP Services: make your digital transformation more agile

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Services help your company to remain competitive because the business processes and the underlying system landscape remain flexible and quickly adaptable. To do this, you need the right solutions that enable simple and efficient digital transformation and integration.


Adaptability in a fast-moving market

Your IT applications must be able to adapt agilely and flexibly to dynamic market conditions and business processes – without major cost and time expenditure. Seamless integration between cloud systems and in-house on-premises systems must be guaranteed to ensure the end-to-end automation of business processes.


Optimum readiness for change with SAP BTP

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a technology platform optimized for SAP applications in the cloud that combines data and analytics, application development, automation and integration in a central tool-based environment. The connection to other SAP tools and other apps is impressive. This allows you to integrate new software solutions into all business processes at short notice, enabling you to develop new business models – quickly and seamlessly. You also have the choice of cloud provider – for example Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Our SAP BTP servicesfor yourdigital transformation

Let’s take the path to your digital transformation together. With our SAP BTP Services, we make your processes more adaptable and future-proof.

SAP Business Technology Platform Services

SAP BTP combines established and new, innovative applications and services on a cloud-based platform. Our IT experts can provide you with an executable SAP BTP instance within a very short time, carry out the initial setup and adapt it to your individual needs. Numerous ready-made integration packages can be used and customized for various integration scenarios.

For efficient app development, a low-code or no-code approach is used as required. The security screening is also provided by SAP. A modern interface with SAP Fiori ensures optimum usability.

What you get with our SAP BTP Services

As a standardized and open cloud platform, the SAP Business Technology Platform provides high-quality platform services and tools for development, expansion and integration tasks. We use the latest technologies to master various challenges facing companies: from artificial intelligence and blockchain to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data management

Solutions such as SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud enable the storage of enormous amounts of data, regardless of the data format, and act as a single point of truth – with a generally valid database.


With the SAP Analytics Cloud, the evaluation, planning and analysis of data can be carried out very efficiently. This innovative process of data processing enables a predictive model for forecasting future events in the business context.

Intelligent technologies

By using new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and SAP Build Process Automation, innovative application scenarios can be implemented and processes and workflows optimized. Among other things, we use SAP AI Business Services and SAP Build Process Automation.

Application development & integration

The SAP Integration Suite is SAP’s cloud-based integration platform for the seamless integration of cloud-based and on-premises systems and applications. In addition to a wide range of integration services and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), the suite includes the core of the integration platform – SAP Cloud Integration (SAP SCI). It allows you to efficiently and easily develop application-oriented integration scenarios on a standardized platform in order to implement a hybrid system landscape in an agile manner.

Our services for SAP Integration Suite

  • Advice on the choice of integration strategy.
  • Consulting throughout the entire integration process, based on the delivered SAP integration content and development of custom interfaces using SAP Cloud Integration.
  • Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors HCM integration solutions.
  • Implementation of integration scenarios between SAP HCM & SuccessFactors HCM based on best practices.
  • Application Management Services for the Integration Suite and for the integration layer between SAP SuccessFactors HCM & SAP HCM.
  • Development of XSLT and Groovy mappings.
  • Migration of the on-premises integration platforms SAP Process Integration/SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PI/PO) to SAP Cloud Integration, as well as from their development environments SAP Neo to SAP Cloud Foundry.

In addition, the SAP Extension Suite as part of SAP BTP offers an ideal basis for efficiently extending existing applications or developing new ones in line with the motto “Keep the core clean”. According to this principle, the existing application logic is not touched and therefore the performance of your enterprise application is not impaired in any way. The applications are developed with state-of-the-art user experience (UX) and can be implemented according to the no-code and low-code approach.

Our services for SAP Extension Suite

  • SAP BTP Administration.
  • Link to SAP development services.
  • Development of holistic applications and applications.
  • Development of interfaces and cloud connections to third-party and SAP systems.
  • Development of side-by-side extensions.
  • Development of custom interfaces to the source system via OData, REST or SOAP APIs.

Question & answer about SAP BTP

What is SAP BTP Cockpit?

The SAP BTP Cockpit is part of the NEO environment and enables the booking of services and the configuration of accounts. With a global account, sub-accounts can be created and monitored.

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Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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