Coordinating talents sensibly – with Skillr

Who has what knowledge in the team? Who is a good fit for which projects? And who wants to improve and develop in certain tasks? All these issues are not clear to every company. We have therefore developed Skillr.


who does what?

In large developer:inside teams there are different levels of experience and specializations for programming languages and platforms. However, it is not always clear which programmers are best suited to different projects. In addition, some programmers want to improve their skills on certain projects, but do not always have the opportunity to make this clear.


on a talent hunt with Skillr

Skillr is a platform for Microsoft Teams developed by us. Talent can use it to list their skills for different platforms and programming languages and rate them by experience level. They can also indicate the skills they would like to specialize in. Project managers then have the opportunity to search for the appropriate experience and skills for their project and request availability. Team members can also indicate the skills they would like to focus on so they can be identified for appropriate projects.

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one of usdeveloped software

Skillr is a Microsoft Teams app developed by our programmers for programmers. It directly addresses their needs, solving a common problem in programming:in teams.

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