Animation &Explanatory videos

Have explanatory videos produced: visualize complex concepts & content

When you have explanatory videos produced, you have the opportunity to simplify complex concepts or content, convey messages and arouse emotions. Animations have also become an integral part of film production – whether for marketing, customer communication or internal training and further education. With our creative support, you will find exciting answers to your customers’ questions.


Where to start?

Companies face very different tasks when creating animated and explanatory videos:

  • Digital brand presence: How should your brand look and feel online in moving images?
  • Time: The time required for animated videos is often underestimated, especially when it comes to detailed animations.
  • Complexity of messages: It is often difficult to simplify and visualize complex content and at the same time convey the information clearly and concisely.

Holistic support right to the end

Our animation and explanatory video services provide you with support from the initial brainstorming to reporting. Our service:

  • Concept and idea generation.
  • Definition of the target group and how to address it.
  • Creation of a detailed script including storyline.
  • Design and production.
  • Design of the characters, graphics, scenes and other elements.
  • Soundtrack and music.

We also help you with publication in the relevant channels and with reporting.

advantages advantages

Communication of complex contentUniversal comprehensibilityFlexibility and creativity

We have theexperts allunder one roof

Thanks to our holistic approach, you receive everything from a single source, from the concept and strategy to the animation and soundtrack. We are experts in both technology and communication. That’s why we have access to the latest software and can provide you with exactly the content you need. How about the Metaverse, for example? Or does it make more sense to combine real images with animation? With our in-house production, we can cover both areas and thus create the solution you need quickly and efficiently. Our experts will advise you.

Question & answer about animation & explainer videos

What are animated and explainer videos?

Animated films are films that are created using drawings, graphics or other visual techniques to produce moving images. These techniques are used when it comes to creating fictional and informative content.

An explainer video is a special type of animated film. It serves the purpose of explaining complex content, products or services in a simple and understandable way.

In the world of animation, there are two basic “techniques”: 2D and 3D animation. 2D animation is a classic method based on two-dimensional images and is known for its simplicity and characteristic hand-drawn style. In contrast, 3D animation offers a third dimension that provides a more realistic and vivid visual experience. This technology can be used to create complex models and realistic movements, making it ideal for demanding projects such as simulations and product visualizations. While we create your animated explanatory videos, we find the right format through comprehensive consultation.

Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
Ready for innovation? Ready for innovation?
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